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    they can be hot as romantic partners......even keel as friends
    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. --- Maya Angelou

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    My brother is an INTJ and he and I get along pretty well. I don't see him as robotic at all. If anything, he's often more sensitive and emotional than I am. Not on the surface, but underneath.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm doing a complicated and intricate dance to make sure I give him the proper support, love, and understanding without accidently hurting his feelings. Occasionally I resent the fact that he doesn't seem to do that as often for me. When he's going through a stressful time, it can be exhausting to be with him becuase his emotions are so demanding of everyone around him.

    When things are good, however, he's funny, kind, sweet, thoughtful, generous, and a delight to be around. In general, I perceive him as precious, unique, and rather fragile. His stern criticism of certain things and occasional unmitigated stubbornness strike me as elements of that fragility. I always want to protect him because it feels like he could be easily broken.

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    I've got a buddy who is an INTJ, I think he's hilarious. He's very cool headed and witty, and I think that's why I like hanging out with him. You never know whats going to pop out of his mouth. Usually some exceptionally conjugated sentance with three or four words that make the group cock their heads in confusion. Haha, good times...

    When he goes off a tyraid about something or other, it usually comes off pretty amusing (at least for me) as long as its doesn't get to the point where its too serious and somebody's feelings get hurt. But he's pretty healthy and knows how to control himself.
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