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    You can certainly depend on us to be exactly how we are

    No really... I try my best not to commit if I'm uncertain I can do it.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    I'm fairly dependable. I rarely make commitments that I'm not sure that I can follow, and if I do, it's more like- "maybe but i'll have to check blah blah blah." I'm generally there for the pivotal moments in important people's lives. (Hospital stays, weddings, you get the idea- people with things going on always have top priority.)

    I always tend to have a little too many people in my life though so I can go a while without answering texts or phone calls or whatever. I virtually never remember birthdays and don't send cards EVER for any reason unless I'm visiting them in the hospital. I make a lot of non committal statements like "sometime we could blah blah blah" with very little follow through. If I said I'm doing it for sure, I am.

    But I'm virtually always late.
    06/13 10:51:03 five sounds: you!!!
    06/13 10:51:08 shortnsweet: no you!!
    06/13 10:51:12 shortnsweet: go do your things and my things too!
    06/13 10:51:23 five sounds: oh hell naw
    06/13 10:51:55 shortnsweet: !!!!
    06/13 10:51:57 shortnsweet: (cries)
    06/13 10:52:19 RiftsWRX: You two are like furbies stuck in a shoe box

    My Nohari
    My Johari
    by sns.

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    i don't really like to be depended on, but if i
    sincerely offer, then sure. i hardly do it though.
    and even when i do offer, it's very much on
    my timeline.

    however, i'm rarely late for appointments as
    i hate waiting for other people. and i
    find being late all the time is just inconsiderate.

    but i also find making appointments at retarded
    hours just as inconsiderate. i send lovely emails
    like 'you and outlook can go fuck yourselves for
    setting up an 8am meeting, DECLINE DECLINE.'

    i rarely go into the office before 10.30am
    and i work on average 80 hour weeks.

    as for friends. i see them like once a year.
    that's all the keeping in touch i really need
    to do. if you're in, you're in. very simple.
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
    h.l. mencken

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    you can't depend on chana, but you can depend on chana to be chana

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    It's like I'm either too dependable and devoted or just completely absent. I think that the issue with Ps (contrary to poopular belief) is that they're focused; they're just too focused on one thing at a time to focus on their direction itself for a satisfying length of time. So my worst qualities include getting bogged down on one object with inferior Te oppressing everything in the periphery.

    I think I'm dependable as far as cranking out ideas for projects &/or listening. Honestly, my aversion to saying "no" is one of my greatest weaknesses because it means that personal priorities are seen as equal and indistinguishable from each other, rather than ranked. I'm working on this; a belligerent sort of "no" is accompanied by just as many problems as passive silence or an insincere "yes". Ideally, my priority is setting impersonal boundaries independent of the physical world. Yes, the actual act of setting a boundary in motion may breathe life into your overall attitude, but since one's attitude shapes the imagination, one may easily imagine impersonal boundaries taking form without physically acting. In fact, an independent change of attitude is a sure-fire way of accessing the riches of the inferior function because it demands that we avoid projecting shit on the environment.

    Tbh, I think that dependable people are seen more as though they are furniture or upholstery than humans who are fighting their own battles like every lively person in a given situation.

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    Despite my penchant for mischief, I am responsible and adamant about it. Times, contingencies, and getting it done are something I over-do.
    I N V I C T U S

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    If it really, really matters, yes. If it could possibly be seen as not important enough to really focus on and remember, or if I don't have a reminder, I might forget. I'm good at apologising though .

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    When I'm stressed or overwhealmed yes, I can make errors. I once forgot to go to a meeting and pick up a friend from the airport on the same day. Oh, and I didn't answer my phone. I'm always wondering off and forgetting about it. Or forgetting to charge it. Or turn the silent setting off. People who live next to their phones amaze me. How? How do they do it?

    When I am consumed by an idea or thinking it is like time stops and everything gets kinda fuzzy. This happens when I'm in the middle of writing, research or creating art of some kind. It becomes the priority and everything else falls away. I'm walking through the motions of my life and my routine but I'm not there. In this state I may act vague, my hair may look bizzzare and I may be an average of 5-15mins late. I may also not really recall what happened afterwards.

    On the other hand, I make things happen. It just has to be a priority to me. It has to be in my diary. If I'm headlining it, I'm on it. If it's not my responsibility I only remember vaguely. In this case I need, yet detest reminders.

    If I start to notice that my tardiness hurts your heart I will try, try my darndest to be on-time next time.

    Basically dependability requires me to actively be "on duty" and is an exhausting mental state. My natural state is for me to get consumed thinking or doing things and loosing track of reality.

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    They are often dependent, but seldom dependables.
    EsTP 6w7 Sx/Sp

    Chaotic Neutral

    E=60% S=55% T=70% P=80%

    "I don't believe in guilt, I only believe in living on impulses"

    "Stereotypes about personality and gender turn out to be fairly accurate: ... On the binary Myers-Briggs measure, the thinking-feeling breakdown is about 30/70 for women versus 60/40 for men." ~ Bryan Caplan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginkgo View Post
    I think that the issue with Ps (contrary to poopular belief) is that they're focused; they're just too focused on one thing at a time to focus on their direction itself for a satisfying length of time.
    Truth. I like to identify myself as "project-oriented instead of schedule-oriented". We focus down on whatever we're working on, way down to the page margins and punctuation marks and whether every last corner is lined up. We just might forget about that PTA meeting we promised to bring cupcakes to.

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