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    as a general rule of thumbs, the main delusion of P's is an over confidence in one's competence, and the main delusion of Js is an over confidence in one's conclusions. generally speaking those are fallacies to be avoided, but self delusions have their benefits, they make handling certain aspects of life easier, its why people embrace them in the first place, and we each end up having to cope with the reality that isn't so easily masked by the delusion the other enjoys, while ironically, it is the other side that is gaining all the life experience of cooping with the consequences of their delusion.

    so for perfectionist J's i'll simply say: reality will forgive you for fucking up, but there's nothing there to forgive you for not trying.

    take from that what you will.


    I am certainly competent =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ribonuke View Post
    So yeah. I WISH it were as simple as just being upfront about it, but I worry too much about creating a painfully--in the literal way--awkward situation for the both of us, and destroying any chance of keeping them as a friend.
    I would suggest internet dating, then, because then you know the women are there for a relationship and they will know you are gay.

    Also, it's good practice. You can practice on many at a given time, rather than fishing around, waiting for someone to bite.

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