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    Ah- when I am depressed- I go into what I call the ABYSS OF DESPAIR.

    Just what is the Abyss of Despair-
    it is when you lay in bed all day with your clothes on and you are paralyzed by your overwhelming emotions- so much so that you become numb and unable to do anything. You think of what is upsetting you from every single possible angle overanalyze the hell out of it and then you start on a downward spiral where everyone and everything is against you and how everything is going down to hell and why is it so hard to be me.

    You stay in there until someone pulls your butt out and makes you talk about what is going on with you- why you are upset and etc. This person must remind you of the good things- and how the world may be against you but they are not and beat into your head positive thoughts. Being held helps me come out of it as well.

    A lot of times- most of the time the trip to the Abyss is the result of frustrating/hurtful social interactions- and so I need a positive social interaction to really get out of it.

    Another thing that helps me come out of the Abyss is by taking the Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man remedy where you look at the news and what is going on with the rest of the world- people struggling and going through more unfortunate things then you are going through and get humbled
    and start counting your blessings instead of counting your woes.

    Depends on if the paralyzation happens in a room with a t.v. or not.
    Even if so I still need someone to talk to about it with.

    So I don't know that I deal with depression- because the few times it overwhelms me -I don't do anything- I am paralyzed and numb.
    It doesn't happen often and when it does it is actually pretty easy to get me out of it- I have to talk about what is going on with me and feel understood and be reminded of the positive but I will not actively seek it- it has to be forced out of me.

    Thank God for the butt-kickers is all I have to say,lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalMethod View Post
    I'm just curious about how NFs deal with depression in their life. Basically, what are the symptoms (how do you know you are?), how you deal with it, what seems to help, and what was the cause?
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    1. Daily exercise in nature. After about a half hour, your mind clears and one enters a state of inner calm.
    2. Daiy meditation. For those not skilled in the art of meditation, reading will suffice. The point is to focus the mind and usher out all clutter.
    3. Daily meaningful communication of ideas, expressions, sentiments, whathaveyou with those in your community of choice.
    4. Proper nutrition & sufficient sleep helps.
    5. Daily study of the Tao. It puts things into perspective and takes one outside of one's ego and petty emotions.

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    "Abyss of Despair" is a great way to put it! It actually made me smile

    I take a lot to heart and will let it stay with me for as long as my heavy sentiments need to in order to naturally calm down and pass away. I distract myself with nothing, no humourous happier people when I am depressed. I want to do is absorb, analyze and elaborate on everything in my journal that derives from this one accumulated experience which broke the camel's back, extracting every bit of emotional juice possible from it in order to perceive a meaningful reason for it. Basically, I dwell within myself and embrace the negative energy, it grounds me, makes me feel like a real person. I often learn a lot while I'm depressed, about myself, about which subsequent positive outlooks gives me most hope.

    Maybe this means I won't get drained as easily if I ever have to be there for depressed people later on in life, I would consider that to be a blessing.

    I figure that being attracted to melancholia is normal, I find it beautiful, but being happier depressed? It has much to do with feeling more compassionate in such states, without suffering we wouldn't stress ourselves over the importance of empathy. I'd love to be able to rejoice in other people's jovial joy more often, even though *too much* laughter drains and dampens my spirits, deep down I'd like to think, I mean I know I would rather they be happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by ladypinkington View Post
    Another thing that helps me come out of the Abyss is by taking the Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man remedy where you look at the news and what is going on with the rest of the world- people struggling and going through more unfortunate things then you are going through and get humbled
    and start counting your blessings instead of counting your woes.

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    I seem to feel in a constant state of melancholy, the feeling of your heart being slightly heavy. But I can tell when I hit a depression when I just become sunken, it feels as though my heart had a large weight tied to it.

    Ive only been in a noticeably deep depression once, and I'm thankful for that. It was due to my own blunder that hurt someone I cared for deeply. I was only a little depressed over the mistake until I actually learned how deep it stabbed them. That's when I crashed.

    I know I'm depressed when I gravitate to more black music, such as Dimmu Borgir. (YouTube - Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering)

    My 'Depression Themesong' is 'Clayman' by In Flames (The band has a lot of great upbeat songs... granted its deathmetal. The Clayman CD in particular)
    YouTube - In Flames Clayman rare

    What helped me through it was the understanding of a couple friends of mine. They helped me get a hope for the exit, which is the biggest step for getting out. (You have to want to leave before you can... or your friends can make you want to leave, kind of like bouncers.)

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    Ignore it until I can't.

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    withdraw. kick the jukebox until it spits out the right song (if there is one). write, write, write. i have been trying to do a better job not avoiding and ignoring my feelings when they are bringing me down. plus, the ascent out of the abyss is one of the greatest most triumphant feelings on the planet. to me, it IS usually Ni that helps me out, somehow using Ti and Ni i have this profound realization that is so cathartic and freeing i feel perfect for a bit, ecstatic and free

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    I tend to explore it, until I get what is going on. The act of studying myself and being honest with myself often brings me out of it also. I think that's more type 4 than NF though. Maybe being ENFP makes it less hazardous to do.
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