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Yes! I'd love that

7 sx/sp/so sounds right to me. I'd love to hear this analysis to better understand his side of things. I hate when I don't understand a person's point of view when I've had a conflict or disagreement with them. I'd love to understand better!
No problem all of my explanations are based on your first post in this thread.

He used to laugh openly at my ideas sometimes, but had a lot of short-sighted judgments from my point of view, which made him seem like he was being a jerk.

I also wanted to explore my spirituality more, and really didn't feel supported in that at all by him. He laughed at me about it, and made fun of what I was doing.
These two points are I believe are one and the same, but what is interesting about it is that it unusual behaviour for an ENTP. ENTPs aren’t usually big on mocking and belittling people at whim, in immature ENTPs it’s often a defence mechanism for wounded pride (or sometimes a tool). The pride of immature ENTPs often resting on being oh so very clever, the easiest and laziest way to show it is to be able to win an argument , or to come up with a rationalisation of their world view that conveniently encompasses some of their worst behaviours. Then at some point someone comes along to tear down these mental constructs and bam prideful ENTP throws a tantrum. But it is a directed tantrum intent on getting back at the perpetrator; it’s not a universal misanthropic approach. But I’ve just remembered reading something on the enneagram institutes website about enneagram health levels, and lo and behold at level 7 the 7 is prone to being offensive and abusive. hmmmm I possibly have an explanation for his behaviour, but it is going to be based on a pet theory of mine, so take it with a grain of salt. Actually I think I’ll put it under a spoiler tag so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want.

I am a sx-dom ENFP, so I like to make connections with people, and I think that really bothered him. He'd get super mad and say hurtful things when that happened, which in turn pissed me off.
This just reads like instinctual variant envy to me. As an sx/sp he would have I assume had the pull push dynamic going on? One day he was the life of the party intensely trying to connect with people, and the next locking himself in a room for a month pulling the ENTP disappearing act? Where you I imagine as an sx/so have a far more even keeled approach to those around you? I would guess that as a fellow sx dom he also wanted to connect with people, but as a sx/sp he lacked the ability to do it in a fulfilling manner, which in all likelihood you unintentionally where throwing in his face, especially so given your apparent similarities. So in short he was probably extremely jealous and projecting his own incompetence’s on to you.