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    Default What others think, you care?

    it seems to be attributed to fe/te slice where fe's overly care of how others perceive them and te's not much.

    but im not here to talk of such ordinary way of viewing it:
    rather, specificly in your way of seeing it.

    ive noticed ive came to the extense of carelessness where one female even talked of me as being selfish, in a very negative tone with others pretty much just listening without objections, and at no point had a single feeling occured to me, apart from interest.
    all i could think was "interesting, it appears shes using this kind of trick to revenge me for not being empathically interested in her feelings." (and the reason why i wasnt interested, was, cause i know .. TOO MANY isfp's, and having yet another, just kind of depressed knowing exactly how flatly shes _always_ in the same emotional state <.< or appears to be at least.

    she had previously once shown a significant amount of anger for same reason too.

    hm.. do you think i somehow should be interested in their thoughts? does it feel very warm and welcoming thinking i dont even care yet im posting this thread?

    do you think empathy works one way? that, one person has the role of empath while other person leads the feelings?

    i sometimes have periods when i completely change my role, as in my empath role i constantly have headaches due others feelings bad, while in sympathy mode i know of other peoples feelings without actually feeling them, and being in emotional lead myself.

    does the mode change for you?

    oh and i do care, but my care is rather mystic and hard to track. i guess i need that magical spice of imagination.

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    I don't feel this way.

    There are few people's opinions I value. But to the ones I do that is when I feel this way.

    But you seem to be having with a myriad of people. There are few times in my life that I have felt the way you have.

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