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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Herring View Post
    Worthless by what standard? Existence can only be worthless if something else is worth something, otherwise the word worthless (i.e. without worth) becomes meaningless. But since existence includes everything it must include something of worth, ergo existence can not be worthless./sophism of the day

    What value you attribute to your own personal life/existence is a whole different matter. You might think that a person's worth depends on their skills (but which?) or on the impact they have on their environment (but how do you decide what is a positive or a negative impact?) or on the affection that others have for them (how to measure that?) but not only is this arbitrary, you would still measure your own "worth" by comparing it to something else that supposedly is worth something, in this case the life of others you consider more enviable.

    Long story short, I think you are asking the wrong question. It shouldn't be "what makes you or existence worthless?" (a destructive and depressive, psycologiocally unhealthy question based on some very shaky assumptions that ) but rather "What makes you and your existence worthwhile for you?". That would reap some productive answers since they will differ from person to person but every healthy human being will have some kind of answer to that.
    point of life is survival, and while surviving we make our own achievements which either aid our survival individually or otherwise, in any case interest of the specie.

    as such, worth is defined as something which a member of our specie finds aidful in their path on surviving this existence. whatever that is, is up to you.

    well, i guess we Te's want to view existence as meaningless while viewing ourselves/people worthful, for Ti/Fe's opposite. thus the question is more Ti + Te concerning than Fi + Fe which are the optimist functions in comparison to T's being critical.

    also to answer what makes it worthful to me: imagination. everything is plain without it.

    and to answer my own question:
    incapability to utilize myself to my maximum, and of existence: bad programming in human brains.

    Quote Originally Posted by animenagai View Post
    What a 4w3 question!

    I doubt my worth when I underachieve, which is a lot of the time. Then I start thinking about what I should've done, again and again. I was actually re-reading stuff about 4's today and I found this beauty:

    I should really take that advice.
    i red your post and thought "hmm.. i havent been behaving like a 4w3 at all lately" .. then now i thought again, what have i spent past two weeks, all of my free time? well, yes, ive been thinking about the social dynamics which form the possibility of expressivity, and the different roles in expressing, emotional expressivity(the admirer), admiree(the star, one with seeming power while not necessarily holding the real control). etc, ive found interesting things. maybe i should start an in depth thread on the matter? =|

    also: you cant have feelings without having a feeling bank, thus reviewing past feelings is crucial unless you want to end up flat like i currently am. and its nto easy getting out of this swamp, since im afraid of facing my feelings alone.

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    I don't understand the question. I'm not worthless at all, and never have felt that way. I think when the consequences of the actions of a person associated with their existence cause more harm than benefit, when the scales tip that way, then that person becomes expendable. I am not in that position. I think every living thing is worth something, because life is valuable.

    Not that we really matter at all outside of our planet, but that's where we are, so we matter to us.

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    lack of objective criteria for anything

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    occasionally it is really useful to think in these terms because it can free you from feeling like everything is so dang important and let you just do whatever the fuck you feel like.

    hyperbole and a half demonstrates.






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    Anew Leaf


    nothing has the power to make my existence worthless.

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    I don't know but I love this question and am planning to start a support group around it in real life.

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