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    I am good friends with an INFP. I think she is reluctant to show when she is having a good time. She wears a scowl most of the time, but she will laugh. However, she has a tendency to be critical, mostly of herself. She is very capable of many things, but has a defeatest attitude about herself a lot of the time. I want to tell her that life's not that bad, but I think it makes her sad if she is having a rainy day and somebody brings in the sunshine. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she had an OCD mother who nit-picked her to death about everything from her fashion choices to her friend choices. As for forgiving, I don't know. I've never crossed her. Iknow that she can be deeply hurt. And as for INFJs being forgiving, any true INFJ is forgiving, just ask Ghandi, Mother Teresa or Jesus, they could tell ya I think if a person has a lot of trouble forgiving they may not be an INFJ. Just my opinion. I mean unless it's a horrible crime against an innocent, I can pretty much forgive anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Poki_ View Post
    infp's are tricksy.
    We are emotional ninjas that we are!

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    INFPS are players don't hate INFPs hate the game.

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