I first noticed my ability to speak well in a public setting my junior year of high school. I had to give a 10 minute presentation in biology. When it was over I thought I had done terribly (fumbled with my words, forgot to say specific things). It turns out that my teacher loved my presentation and I got the highest grade in class. I am rather soft-spoken and reserved so I had never expected to do well speaking in front of a group.
Since then I have given several talks at my church and thought they were all terrible. However, after every single one of them I have recieved many compliments from people about how much they loved what I had to say and how well thought-out it was. I also am quoted by those who speak after me. I keep being invited to speak so I guess the compliments are genuine.
The funny thing is, I get better feedback when I go into the talk having a general idea of what I'm going to say rather than write it all out word-by-word beforehand.
My question to other INFP's: have you had similar experiences with public speaking?
Other types are welcome to comment as well