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    My dreams are really, really strange. Some people I see (normally sensors) tend to have dreams that are very reality based.

    By the other side, every intuitive I know (including myself, of course) seems to have bizarre and lucid dreams. And, when people of different types tell me their dreams I can recognize a pattern of images and happenings. My dreams are like:

    1. Normally take place in dark enviroments, very melancholic, really, sometimes only with the moonlight, other times in cloudy days, or with little sun coming between a dense woodland, sunset etc.
    2. Very emotional nature. Can be dramatic, can be crazy, but always emotionally appealing and moving (for me).
    3. It's rare to appear new technology in my dreams (computers, mobile phones, TV's, robots) even if it surrounds me in my day to day life.
    4. Normally they seem like a conclusion or epiphany, principally about unresolved things from my past.
    5. Very fantasy filled, surreal.

    I like them, and try to see meaning everywhere, and I can, mostly...
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    I LOVE my dreams. Even when they're nightmares, they are highly symbolic and entertaining.

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    I have vivid dreams a few times a week on average, and most of the time I can interpret them but I feel uncertain whether I'm gaining genuine insight about myself, completely off the mark in my interpretations, or just over-analyzing mental diarrhea. Occasionally I'll have a dream that's clearly meaningful and it gives me a lot of insight into previously buried feelings, thoughts and motivations. My subconscious perceives things more holistically, and by paying attention to these dreams I can tap into that understanding and grasp something more quickly and completely than if I'd just thought about it consciously without the help of symbols. And sometimes I'll get fairly interesting plotlines and symbols from dreams but I won't know for certain what they originally represented. Most of the time the imagery in my dreams is silly/fluffy and outlandish like a child's imagination, but at others it has a more mature and haunting quality and seems to have something more behind it.
    I'm sure it's like this for many people, but when I try to explain a dream I can never articulate its essence; I can just recount the events and visuals but the moods and states of mind seem impossible to express.

    I also have hypnagogic dreams like the ones mentioned in the OP, but this usually only occurs when I'm agitated or trying to suppress painful feelings and thoughts. Compared to REM dreams, these are more likely to be intense, violent or disturbing, and I can more easily connect them to my recent thoughts.

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    I may place too much focus on my dreamworld, to a point where I neglect my waking life.

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    I lucid dream very frequently, and I find it rather therapeutic when the dream seems to be connected to some real life concern. It's all metaphor, but yes, I feel I can understand what they "mean" because metaphor is how I tend to think & experience reality anyway. I truly do think that dreams are the subconscious speaking to you, trying to make you aware of how you feel about things or alert you to blind spots in your consciousness.

    I've had a few reoccurring dreams since childhood, mostly violent*, and I only rid myself of them through lucid dreaming & "taking control" of what was happening to create a satisfactory end. Some time after that I fully grasped why I had these dreams & what they meant.

    I do not experience the simple "common dreams" people report having - that of falling, flying, or being naked in public. My dreams are much more like David Lynch's films. They're just bizarre & dark & can't be made perfect sense of.

    Dreams when fevered are more like hallucinating, and I'm not sure I am dreaming sometimes (but really hallucinating from the fever).

    I've also had such vivid dreams, I wondered/worried if they actually happened, and it's only some ludicrous aspect that tips me off. I admit to feeling mad at people for things said/done in a dream :X.

    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    My dream always has the story. Every of them are random though.

    Like I dream about fire accident in time around 18xx-19xx, I've dreamed this for 2 time with different character in it.
    (First time is a son of the house owner, the second time is a male servant for the family) Fire accident happened when son and family went on a trip, the fire appeared from nowhere and every servants weren't noticing about it until it came close to them. The male servant is the first one who realized himself and help the others to go outside. The cause of fire in this dream was still undiscovered even I dreamed the second time though.

    There's a dream I see like side scroller game. It's about father and daughter who have been left because she's as terrified witch but didn't tell to his child.
    They're in the forest. The daughter ran away to the left side (Imagining you see side scroller game.) I and he lost her. When he found her again, she was already gotten adult.
    The forest is the place where time is uncertain... My dream went on, seeing the girl and the man departed, then met again with each other's age slightly different
    Somehow, I only remember to the part the man died when I dreamed this second time. But the first time I dreamed it was meant to be longer story...though it's too old to remember.

    And more fantasy dream to tell about. A Dream I found abandoned puppy and grew her up, she died in the car accident but then... I saw faded girl upon the dog and she said 'I'll be with you next time' or something like that.
    So many to tell, haha!

    I also have interpretative dream like when I'm stressed or sicked. I saw the girl around dark age, being hunt because the villagers believe that she's a witch. She climbed the tower but at last, the tower was burned. When the fire reaching close to her body. I awoke from the dream to found that I had very bad fever.

    The dream I'm in the dark. There's a little light far away and I meant to come for it but every time I was close to the light, everything in the dream is suddenly changed like falling from high place...and the light change place and I was doing this over and over in that dream. It was the time I really in depressed.

    Well, I also have many silly dream (like running undressed in old school, LOL) It's fun to see various dream though.

    Last thing to say, when I sleep normally, I usually have lucid dream as well. It'll happen in the 1~2 hours before I wake up (Or maybe not, I feel the dream really in short time)
    But when sleeping late in the morning, I can't realize any dream (And it so hard to wake up, pfft.) Perhaps human body need good time for the bed, hahaha~
    ~A cat walk through the way~

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