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    i probably would let the people begging for attention make fools of themselves and then make freinds with him and see where it goes from there.
    i dont compete. if someone is willing to get catty over it, they can have him.
    or if i was to compete id probably make a few cheesy puns and be on my way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasoline View Post
    but you are not the only one eyeing them, swooning all over him/her are other people.

    would you compete against the other suitors for his attention? would you walk away and find someone else?

    if you compete, would you get down and dirty? what tricks might you use to get what you want?

    If I find myself partying with others and having a good and relaxed time, maybe i'd improvise any funny trifle to introduce myself and get his attention. Once i've got him in a stimulating and funny conversation, if he's awesome enough, i'll start subtle flirting until knowing if he's in the mood and then maybe I'll kiss him. I'd never quit just because of others of course!!!

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