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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorWizard View Post
    ESFP - They have a better grasp of what's hot in pop culture and social rituals than any other type, as well as their keen eye for detail and the feelings of other people. This is partly why I don't like this type!
    you've described Fe doms more than ESFPs
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    i agree with Elfboy.

    what you're saying is that you dislike people who have your inferior as their dominant... pretty normal in some cases.

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    I consider myself to be good at two aspects of reading/sensing people.

    What are they feeling?
    What are their core motivations and/or values? (may have to do with my conversational style and questions I tend to ask, but even with just listening, its what I pick up on first when meeting someone new and listenign to them talkabout themselves)

    Those are things that matter to me, so I think it woudl be reasonable to theorize that with any person, the things they value would be the thing they would read/sense/percieve better than others. Overall, I get a "sense" for people, but it is only if i go back and try to anaylze my impressions that "reading" takes place - "ok, why did I get this sense about them?, oh it was because ____ and ____ and ____ that made me think that". To me, the prhase "reading people" implies a conscious effort and that is where I think the T types would be very good at it with training (mentalists and human polygraphs etc).
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    On reflection, I'd say enfp/infps are the best at reading people. Theres an infp at work who always reads exactly how Im feeling as soon as I turn up. His reasons for my feelings are not always that accurate though. Id say Im better at working out why people are feeling a certain way.

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    Im not sure about reading people, but I would happily say im easily read. And for my part I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Afterall I have nothing to gain from being insincere and obtuse about my motives. However I will say that motives and intentions can easily be worked out from watching the subtle nuances...the little ticks and tell tale words and terms, the tone, the expression, ( or sometimes lack of), can all contribute to an understanding of a persons mindset and beliefs.

    It's a lot easier than people think. Unfortunately as with all untold impressions...any individual you reveal this to reserves the right to proclaim that this is not the case and pretend that you are wrong...or sometimes you are actually wrong.

    Some people seem to be offended by the idea that they are 'figured out' ive no idea why. Although anyone who believes they have any one individual completely figured out is arrogant and ignorant.

    I suppose it is all to do with the competative nature of humanity...constant comparisons, where does it stop? What is needed is acceptance, not comparison.
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    i can't remember if i posted yet but i think nfps are good at it.

    the fe doms i know are just usually wrong and sort of paranoid.
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