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Already done! (As you know. ) Lol, I've been spamming that place up for a while! Hope no one minds too much... The place is for NFs, by NFs, after all.
Well I invited an ESTP last night, Justin (stellar renegade on here though I don't think he ever posts anymore) and we were spamming the place up last night and no one seemed to mind!

The ESFP performer at work!
Work? You mean play. PLAY.

Sweet! I wonder if I should post my TypeC videos over there. Does he have a set of video questions for all members, or just the NFs?
I would definitely post the videos, I've posted some of mine. If you see any of the posts marked "video challenge" there is a list of questions that Gabe came up with that a lot of people responded to, including me. I'm sorry I don't know how to link to individual threads, but maybe ask one of the NTs in the group to help you with that.