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Thread: Ni in xNFJs? =\

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    I'll speak on my own behalf of how I experience Ni. It may apply for other NFJs here on the board.

    I have a preference to use Ni along with Fe and Ti to solve problems and to make sense of the world around me. It could be just about anything from theory to dealing with people. A lot of my closest friends have said that I read people well. I think it's related to Fe, putting myself in the other person's shoes, their needs and interests, and then making a sudden conclusion about who they are and what they may have experienced. One person I had met, I didn't even know much about them other than their name and common personal interests. But I made a conclusion without effort about the environment that they are drawn to as a symbolic expression of who they are. I could tell in the person's gaze that they were also an introverted personality. I really don't put in a lot of effort to come up with these conclusions. Sometimes I can be off, but most times I am convinced that my intuition is right, and in most cases it has been.

    Like what SubtleFighter has stated about Ni being future oriented, it's definitely true. I think I plan things ahead too much, but I am often desiring and designing a plan for the future, which direction I want to go. When I was 12 I knew where I wanted to be when I got into my 30s. I often knew what I wanted and how I was going to get there, and I didn't like it when others stood in my way to get from point A to point B. Ni visions drive me towards where I want to be in my life. A lot of my goals are attached to improving the world, making it a better place, helping others, inspiring other people. I get a feel for what is a person's natural aptitudes and figure out a gameplan to get them to learn the material. I seek to fuse connections between what is being observed to my own inner concept of a theory, for instance.

    And, I often find myself drawn to paradoxes in general. I even see myself as a paradox. I'm lucky if I really understand myself completely. When I see things that don't quite mesh with my inner logical concepts of things, I first think, "This doesn't make sense." But then after mulling it over, thinking about the things that a concept has in common with another concept, examining it from different angles, it ends up becoming clearer to me. I often find myself analyzing things to the point I am not even present to them. While details may overwhelm me, I end up providing way too many details to explain my thoughts. I think each angle of a concept is important to truly explain it. I think this may be an example of Ni working with Ti. Overanalysis to the point I'd need a cooling fan in my brain. I want to come down to a conclusion about what I am studying or analyzing. I don't like being left up in the air. "I think this is what the story means. Is it the correct interpretation of the story? Why do I think and feel this way about it? Does this make sense? What course of action should be taken to find out what the story really means?" Similar to what ZBuck posted.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    Ni is the reason I suck at telling people about movies I saw or why I have difficulty sticking to an outline on an essay. Every detail is relevant and it's hard to hit the high points because everything is interconnected. I never realized that until a little while ago.

    On the other hand, I've also been surprised to realize that Ni is the Look-Down-The-Road function that allows one to usually predict where a course of action may likely lead a person to. I have been frustrated and surprised that this is not as self-evident to other types, but finally noticed that the other people who do this are Ni users. It also has helped me to undesrtand that I am not being rude or insulting by explaining the whole thought process behind the conclusions I have reached, and in fact people feel frustrated or confused when I don't. While it is not 100% infallible, it is correct enough of the time, that I have found this trait quite useful in decision making.
    Oh my gosh! Outlines are the absolute worst for me. I have always been able to mentally structure and organise my papers because everything has to work together in a bigger framework.

    Fe for is like a people information bank and Ni helps me to piece together the context and nuances. I think the ability to piece together information looks like the "psychic" thing. I am fairly good at reading people pertaining to piecing together information. It usually seems quite obvious to me because the information just seems to click in the big general framework. My Fe is about as strong as my Ni.

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