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    Default INFJ Tertiary Ti: Has anyone done this yet?

    This has been something I've been contemplating about for some time...

    Fellow INFJs, how are you influenced by your Ti?

    For me, I feel like my Ti actually managed to gain dominance over my Fe in my middle childhood and early teens, since I was diagnosed with Aspergers and I learned not to trust my ability to 'read people' (it wasn't until later that I realized that the 'lack of social skills' only pertained to lack of nonverbal awareness, and not necessarily in the ability to empathize and understand the emotions of others).

    I think I notice my Tert Ti the most when I'm trying to express or work with abstract ideas, and then my Ti jumps in and starts wanting to make sure everything is related to eachother in a way that makes perfect, logical sense. It's basically the little kid over my shoulder pointing out mistakes and inconsistencies I've made; it is often helpful, but sometimes it can get so distracting to me that I get 'stuck' and unable to make any further progress with my project!

    So...have you, fellow INFJs, have anything else to share about your Tertiary Ti and how it affects you?

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    not too certain if my Ti is tertiary, or if my T even has a direction (dom-P-type, i think i am, so J's in the middle :P), but the older i get the more i notice that my "T" annoys other people... even people who are self-claimed "T-dom.'s" or work in a very technical field.

    at first this made me question whether i was a dom-T, or whether they really were in fact a dom-T. but now i just chalk it up to human behavior in the sense that most people are happy just quantifying something and putting a label on it so they are able bring it up later to help them think/decide, regardless of not having searched through the idea themselves.

    my "T" combined with whatever my dominant is, helps me to realize that what i'm being taught is really just the tip of the ice berg and always will be--we will never really know if what we know is the totality of what there is to know... we just assume so and move on.

    so, in a class setting, when new info. is presented, i almost never am able to just have it register. i can even keep repeating it to myself but it has no meaning. so i have to take home by myself and just hold it in my mind until i have a better idea/hunch on how to deal with it, then that's where my still-in-the-process-of-forming-T comes into play to form a question that surrounds the hunch and then to break it further and further down... although, so far, this just leads to the "right questions" i need to seek or ask my teacher in order for my own subjective understanding to solidfy... usually, these questions/methods don't really apply that well to my friends.

    in a nutshell :P.

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