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Thread: INFP vs INFJ?

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    i would look for signs of Fi/Te, Ni/Se. i know that's the obvious route, but each really look completely different, because when it comes down to it, IXFP's and INXJ's are nothing alike functionally (behaviorally... any can resemble another, as in what "social-sub-faction" thier persona identifies with, but that's a whole 'nother ball game).

    maybe an easier way to look at it is: Ji+(unaware to user)Je v.s. Pi+(unaware to the user) Pe. i say "unaware to the user" because most people aren't really aware of how their inferior affects them, but if you're uncomfortable with that, then think about it as being a C-grade-use when compared to their dominant A-grade-use. this doesn't mean that their inferior is worthless or even "bad", but pales in comparison to their dominant (again, what makes up the conscious part of the their evaluations or perception).

    so, what comprises the "totality" (functionally that is) of the person? what is seen most often? is it a surplus of subjective value judgements central to the identity of the individual, mixed with an objective standard that furthers their dominant, or is it largely the work of hunches that are made up of many different componets that resonate subjectively within the person, hunches that are based off of "inner snapshots" of outer happenings and occurences (similar to the Si/Ne in many ways).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ribonuke View Post
    I actually think this illustrates a perfect point; Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, as awesome as they are, have a hint of black-and-white morality that annoys me (because I like characters that are more conflicted and complex.) Your parents are ENFP and INTJ, which both theoretically use Fi more effectively than they do Fe. You and I prefer A Song of Fire and Ice (well, "Game of Thrones" for me, since I'm not much of a reader, I admit), and we (being ENTP and INFJ) theoretically use Fe more effectively than we do Fi. Since Fi involves more through-and-through good and evil, from what I've observed, I can understand why your parents would find LotR/Star Wars more appealing than we would. (Not that I don't LIKE Star Wars, but its simplified concept of 'good' and 'dark side' is a bit irritating to me, to be honest. The idea that someone 'succumbs to the dark side' through their actions contrasts with the way I view the world. It's not that I believe that we're all inherently good, but it's just I don't think you can judge whether something is 'good' or 'evil' unless you look at the larger picture, who it helps and/or who it hurts.)
    Hmm . . . now, I'm a huge, fanatical Star Wars fan, and I'm also an Ni/Fe user. (LOTR, can take it or leave it.) I'm still trying to process what you mean by the differences between how Fe and Fi users like to see morality in fiction. But I don't actually see SW as having clearly defined good and bad. Especially in the prequels. Are the separatists good or bad? Are the clonetroopers/stormtroopers good or bad? Also, Palpatine's criticisms of the Jedi are valid in a lot of ways. Many fans argue that the Jedi needed to be destroyed because they were getting too unbalanced. And Anakin's reasons for joining the Dark Side are in a gray area--he turned to Palpatine to try to save his wife. Does that make what he did understandable? Does that make Darth Vader a victim? It all depends on your point of view (cue Obi-Wan's quote).

    Maybe this actually argues for your point because I'm an Fe-user, and I see SW as having really complex morality depending on how you look at it.
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