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I'm awfully nonsocial... not too shy, not depressed, not introverted, but awfully nonsocial. Less social than my INFP best friend.

Are any other ENFPs nonsocial?

And I'm defining nonsocial as not bothering to meet new people, hating small talk, prefering to spend the weekend in your room, not wanting to socialize, etc.
I can't see myself hiding behind a wall....but I also as an ENFp tend to have some nonsocial traits from time to time.....for me i think it has a lot to do with my upbringing(a learned behaviour) or just a lack of interest in the company that is available (to suggest that an ENFp is going to be social with everybody is ridiculous---he/she is just looking for trouble)....but if the company is right I know how to turn my switch on and gitter goin'. Also if you inadvertently end up with a rather isolated job...don't expect your social skills to operate at the highest level. (i think that there are different types of ENFPs too and that they all can't be the same.)