So I was casually browsing through good recent movies. Found this one called "Take Me Home Tonight", seemed like a good premise so I tuned in to watch. Its plot was practically a genius getting together with his high school crush in the 1980s or something. Watched the movie even though I thought it would be some puffy modern take on an 80s movie, with a cheesy after taste, it was actually pretty good.

One thing I noticed is that the lead character had this extremely genuine awkwardness I could totally relate to. This one scene where he bursts out this over extended laugh, and totally makes the four people whom he was talking to silent. I can't find the clip anywhere, but anyone watch this movie to confirm that this guy is an INFP? Anyway, this is not about typing him, I'm already pretty sure that he's a genuine INFP with the typical INFP male flaws like value-violated sharp egoism, and moodiness, etc. It's about whether the INFP can relate to being in situations that were starkly and realistically grim by social standards, where the individual had totally ruined a conversation or a possible conversation, by just being an INFP . IF you get what I mean.

Couldn't find the awkward conversation, but here's another scene that might convey my message a bit further.

Take Me Home Tonight - I Love This Song - YouTube