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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    That makes sense, but what if you have several opinions about subjective topics depending on which vantage point you view it from? I find I sometimes don't have a clear sense of one opinion especially for subjective discussions. I do have some strong opinions about topics that can be more readily verified outside the context of myself. If there is external data demonstrating certain facts, it bothers me when either myself or others disregard this. When it comes to my opinion on the appearance of others, or whether or not they have done something "wrong", I typically do not have a single, focused, certain opinion. If it is about perception then I can have several "opinions". If it is a topic I am not certain of, but know that it could be demonstrated externally with more information, then I think in terms of likelihoods or percentages.
    I can come up with alternate opinions by considering other vantage points, but if someone asks me for MY opinion, I will give them the one that comes from my vantage point. If I don't have a clear opinion, I will state that as well. Especially if I have not formed a clear opinion due to lack of knowledge of the subject, I will suggest the other person get a more informed opinion elsewhere. Yes, it bothers me when people disregard external data or demonstrable facts as well, and I try not to do so myself. I will explain the limits of what I know with certainty, and where speculation or unsubstantiated opinion begin. I am not sure how much all of this impacts how my remarks are received, though. It all assumes a certain level of objectivity on the part of the other person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    The FJ's can be just as brutally honest. The difference is that the FJ will give you a hug afterwards.
    Yeah I think that's fairly accurate. It's the sort of "I don't say this to hurt your feelings, BUT... [insert potentially harsh statement gently cushioned]" thing. (Which is the kind of thing I say a lot.)

    I don't think I'm usually "dishonest" to spare feelings, more diplomatic/considerate, but I suspect that occasionally it does slip over into dishonesty.

    However, when I am done with diplomacy/sparing feelings, I can really shoot to kill. I have been told that I know where to strike to cause maximum damage. Things have come to a really bad pass at that point, though. If things are that bad, I might even feel a certain satisfaction over shooting to kill - which is also unlike my normal healthy self, who hates to be mean or cause pain.
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