I am uber-naggy under stress, and have been called a straight-up bitch a few times. It's the Te, someone else already mentioned it, I go into heavy Te. I don't just nag people to nag them, and if they accuse me of this I will clearly point out why the nagging is occuring. "Gee, I've politely reminded you 3 times to do something that not only has to get done from a functional standpoint, but is your responsibility in the first place. If it is something that does not involve/affect me, I could care less. The fact that your putting me in a position where I have to mommy or over-see it makes me slightly resentful, because I'd much rather be having fun right now. Add to that the fact that you have passed off my wishes and concerns, invalidating my feelings and turning a blind eye to something that stands in it's own defense (like paying the water bill.)

I score very high on perceiving, I do not care how someone does something (unless its not working) or when they do it (as long as it gets done by the time it needs to).. and I let people stretch this as far as they want. At the end of the day, if someones laziness or carelessness starts affecting my own freedom and fun, I am quite the bitch. Nagging is simply the consequence one suffers for being a jackass.

end bitch rant/