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    I know there are 'friends' who you don't particularly like but who are just in your life because you happen to go to the same classes. And sometimes you don't have a lot in common. I know that if my friends start talking about shoes and fashion and dresses I usually 'tune out'. Yes, I like them, and I care about them, but I think sometimes it's okay not to be passionately engaged in conversations that you don't particularly care about.
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    I don't really care about a lot of things that people get caught up in. It's so trivial.

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    Sometimes I have this experience. It's usually when I feel like a friend is complaining too much about something that's really not that big of a deal, or something that could be WAY worse. Like I have one friend who was raised in a well-off family and her mom still helps her financially all the time, and I really could care less about her "money troubles" when she brings them up. Or sometimes, I can see the other person's side, like if my friend is having a conflict with her boyfriend, I know I should be on her side no matter what because she's my friend, but sometimes I can totally see where he's coming from and I have to fake sympathy for my friend.
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    Also, in general it could be said about INFJs that the part about them sympathizing is assumed to be an inherent quality. Why wouldn't they, right? I mean, it's almost assumed to be common knowledge around the MBTI arena.

    But just being INFJ doesn't account for perhaps if they're good or bad, their enneagram might conflict with that somehow. It could be a number of other things not apparent.

    People's mental snapshots of others tend to lend to biased opinions and inaccurate views because they're mostly probably only based on the things they see or are shown. Another thing people tend to do is they have a tendency to 'fill in the gaps' where they don't know something and they allow their mind to assume and then believe that assumption. This isn't limited to just opinions of others, either. Ask 5 people what each saw at an accident and you'll likely get 5 accounts, mostly all different at least to some degree from the last one. This can certainly get ugly, also hurtful and judgemental if it's made to be about someone's character. People show others what they want them to see of themselves, so it's to some degree a warped picture certainly.

    It's possible someone does sympathize and refuses to share that with the rest of the crowd.
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