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    Default Vigilantes: INFJ? INFP?

    Okay...I was just wondering about INFx Vigilantes, because I have a character who runs around as a masked vigilante, who I'm pretty sure is an INFx, but I can't seem to pin down whether she's a J or a P. Some details:

    * She uses lethal violence against the 'bad guys' she fights, but is actually very compassionate towards those she's attached to. She's extremely introverted and not very talkative, and due to her past has very little awareness of the social standards of society, making her awkward and a little intimidating to others. She usually regards others with distrust, but there is a point in the story where she all of a sudden began warming up towards one of the characters after she realized they didn't want to hurt her.

    * She has a messed up past; she lived the first few years of her life with her mother at the edge of a small town. They lived a largely isolated life because the people in town regarded her and her mother with superstition and scorn. She was actually taken away from her mother at around age 5-6, and then placed in a containment cell along with about 10 other women of varying ages. They were all kept in individual cells, but were able to communicate via speech. After at least 5 years, she and and an older woman escaped, surviving for a few years in the wilderness. The older woman died of a snakebite, however, leaving the Vigilante on her own at about age 13-14. At which point she began adopting her Vigilante persona and helping those she found in the wilderness in need.

    * Her vigilante persona is based off of a particular species of bird found in this fictional world; she became attached to this species of bird at a young age, chasing them around and always wanting to know more about them. This particular bird is a predator, sneaking up on their prey before suddenly descending them and skewering their prey with their sharp talons. Because of this, my character usually attacks by sneaking up on the enemy and delivering a fatal blow with a knife; failing that, she'll jump around and dodge their attacks until she can find another opportunity to strike. She's not very good at handling opponents with reflexes that match hers, though.

    Does this sound like a particular type to you? INFJ or INFP?

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    My guess is INFP. Most of the things you described can fit both J and P. She can also be SP too prehaps. It makes it hard to say. I go with P because you say she is extremely introverted and not talkative.

    Ennaegram 4w6?

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