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    It's always funny to call out someone's failed bullshit detector when they think that they have called out bullshit when they, in fact, have not.

    Especially when they think that they know me better than I do. When I continue to listen to their theories about me, they ironically don't detect why I'm listening and what I'm gathering, which can range from entertainment value or insight about them.

    We must all have some confidence in our abilities in order to stay sane in this world, and the ability to detect bullshit is no different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    yes, Fi CAN do this. it isn't hard to tell who is putting up a front/fulfilling a social role/being fake vs someone who is truly doing what they feel like. that's right, we CAN see through to the inner essence of a person. anyone who says we either does not have strong Fi or doesn't trust theirs.

    Yesterday...another member said to me:

    If you are an ENFP, then your'e Fi. (Like me).

    Fi users often attach personal feelings to their "works". In this case you do seem attached to the outcome of your "great deal of thought".

    Just a word of caution.
    ^^^what was odd about receiving that response is that I do not relate to it in the least. For me, being confident I have the *right* answer does not even remotely translate into me somehow having my ego invested in it...or subsequently refusing to take in new information if new information were to present itself. In other words, I can honestly say I do not do the above...but should I? Being an 'Fi user' and all? Should I also be able to readily determine if someone is being fake or not? And if I do not do these things am I not the type I believe I am? I am seriously asking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
    So you have become almost hypervigilant then, in watching others in an effort to intercept and protect against being hurt? Do you find your barometer also keeps out those who really would not hurt you as well? Do you have to always fine-tune it, or even find that it is grossly out of whack? Just very curious.

    Profilers use behavior to try to get an idea of who they are after, in order to understand someone better. I think that is what most of us use mbti for as well, though Victor makes a good point how mbti can then be used to control others.

    It can get all muddled when you start talking about assessing people and judging people. Of course we cannot control our gut instincts and impressions of others. I do it quickly and easily and inadvertently, as do we all. It's part of our animal instinct, to size up body language with our experience to protect ourselves. I think it becomes bad, and a problem, when we then take it a step or two further and judge the essence of the person, or even their underlying character. I think the key is to remember we have every right to judge others' behaviors toward us and toward other people, but if we then judge that person, or their innate character as bad or faulty, we are not only incorrect, but it does a disservice to society at large, and humanity.

    Why? Because sometimes people fuck up and do bad things. Judging who they are, or will always be, on past performance/behavior just feels bad, and I know I wouldn't want someone judging my future life/self or who I am, on my past mistakes/behaviors. God wants us to love each other, using the innate love and goodness we have in us, and using His love which surrounds us always, if we allow ourselves to feel it. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Judge not, lest ye be judged. <3 There is always a new day to be better.
    That's a fairly fuzzy wuzzy approach to life. Also if some one makes the same mistake over and over, that makes a pattern.
    There's a difference to being open and so open and trusting your brains are gonna full out.
    I've met a lot of interesting characters in my life, so I wouldn't say I'm judgmental (you are probably going to play semantics), but most have them have been decent characters, although my definition of decent may differ from others. Certainly I've known people with alternative moralities. I've known they were genuine, and for most part, sifted out shady characters. I've been really wrong about two people that I know of, one was for the better, the other for worse. I don't feel like I miss out on valuable relationships. There's not many people I tolerate at the best of times any way.
    When I taught English in Korea, because of the massive cultural differences, I was flying blind. I remember getting back on farmilar territory, feeling like I had one of my senses back, and feeling rusty. Did not like. Because I felt blind, I made a massive error in judgement. One that haunts me slightly to this day.
    The fine tuning comes with being with people, different people, but I do it naturally.
    While I do agree with the nonjudgmental stance, I also think it's kinda naive to ignore feelings of doubts and the niggles at the back of your head. You just can't treat people as blank slates that you take on face value, unless of course body language is the same as the words coming out.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
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    I appreciate all that.

    Did I speak to how to treat people at all, other than just loving them and not judging them? And the Golden Rule?

    Let me say again. I do not think one should ignore bad behavior. But we must not construe that bad behavior means bad person. When you can do this, moral codes and differing worldviews, as barriers to interacting, are taken away.

    But also, I might choose to let another hurt me, expose me, or exploit me. It's complex, but not, at the same time...
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    Do not resist an evil person, but to him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer also the other. ~Matthew 5:39

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    Fi people are so picky that they couldn't imagine why anyone else would be enthusiastic about anything, including social roles!

    They contain their value-based statements until they can express them through ideas. Jung describes them as masking their emotional states. Someone else being loose with their emotions and their considerations is inconceivable!

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    "We Fi users can see eeeeeeverythiiiiing..."

    Tentative typing: ISFJ 6w5 or 9w1 (Sp/S[?]).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    yes, Fi CAN do this. it isn't hard to tell who is putting up a front/fulfilling a social role/being fake vs someone who is truly doing what they feel like. that's right, we CAN see through to the inner essence of a person. anyone who says we either does not have strong Fi or doesn't trust theirs.
    I see. So Fi is more than just personal values. And that which we used to call intuition - being able to see what is only implicit - is really an Fi power.

    But you forgot to mention being able to lift large objects with only the power of your Fi mind.
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    Life is about the journey, because we already know the destination.

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    Yay, remember to loveyour BS meter today!
    Save Thundercats 2011 petition. Because we do what we can. HO!!!:

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    ugh! no function is psychic i;m going to round up every person who claims a function is practically psychic and feed them to a tank of rabid sharks
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    I don't doubt that Fi knows how it relates to things.. which in turn can be such a strong compulsion in them that it appears as fact. That doesn't mean it really is fact.

    I know it's something I have nothing in common with too. I'm not always sure what's going on with people. I'd like to sometimes. I might ask or do something that brings it into light. Sometimes when I get a suspicion of bullshit, even that's tentative. I'd rather not jump full gusto into confidence, like Elfboy.

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