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    Quote Originally Posted by minutegovt View Post
    Let's just pretend we know what s/he meant

    You're going to have to just quit and realize there's better things to do. I have had addiction problems before and that's all there is to it. Video games are great and all but you need something in the real world to keep you occupied too; school, work, some projects etc.
    it's just like any other hobby - it can only gain sociological legitimization as the center of your life if you've figured how to earn a living within it. someone who does nothing but listen to rock bands from the period of emergent punk? lifeless addicted dork. someone who writes published articles about the relationship between the emergence of punk and the rock of the time while being invited as a featured DJ in punk nights through clubs around the world? now that's someone who has found his niche, a mind of passion! gaming is sort of the same, try to tell a competitive korean starcraft player that he's lifeless, he won't hear you over the sound of his groupies, and some of the more out-there designers are recognized within gaming communities for the amazing storytellers and artists that they've shown themselves to be.

    figure out how to be productive because of your hobbies and not despite of them, and you've won the game of life.

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    Yes you're completely right. But when someone says addiction, it's normally a bad thing; it becomes a problem if it's an addiction. best thing normally would be to stop and resume whatever else for some time.
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