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    Default Types and Creative Worldbuilding: An INFx Amongst Other Types

    Okay, just fyi, I'm an INF(J?) who's been designing a universe called "Ervia" with two friends (names have been changed to maintain their privacy):

    "Ice": She tested as an ISFP. The originator of "Ervia", and laid down a lot of the superficial groundwork for the universe. Bark and I tend to look to her for the final 'say' on aspects of Ervia we're discussion, because she seems more confident in her opinions than Bark and I are. She often gets irritated with Bark and I want to explore an aspect of Ervia more deeply, and seemed unenthusiastic about some of our ideas. She also seems to dislike some of the darker story ideas that Bark and I come up with, and is consequently more focused on the whimsical, fanciful aspects of Ervia.
    "Bark": He tested as an INTP. More thoughtful and careful about his decisions. Often considers rational details that Ice and I miss, but also tends to 'overthink things'. He was not as heavily involved in the initial creation of Ervia as Ice and I, but has helped us solidify a few things with the questions he's raised.

    So, it seems to me that we tend to interact and make decisions based on these following criterion:

    F/T: Ice and I are both F's (her Dominant function being Fi and my Auxiliary function being Fe). Because she's DomFi, she tends to be a bit more "Eh, I don't like this idea because it doesn't FEEL right to me.", and often can't easily analyze or pinpoint WHY she feels that way without some prodding (Inferior Ni).

    Ice also tends to not offer her opinion unless we clearly ask her for it, because her Feeling function is expressed as introverted. This often makes me panic when she doesn't react to something I show her (my auxiliary dependency on extraverted Feeling). Also, her sense of motivation seems to come from more inwardly than from externally; no amount of reminding or pleading seemed to convince her to read a story I had written for more than SIX MONTHS; she only read it after I told her that I needed her approval for the story before I showed it to a comic book artist (i.e. taking action to realize our universe and appealing to her auxiliary Se). Then she read it right away and gave her feedback.

    Bark is a little bit on the outside here, tending to make decisions based more upon carefully-thought, logical conclusions (DomTi) rather than on personal aesthetics (Feeling). Sometimes, Ice and I will think an idea of his is 'bland', and seems lacking in a way that keeps us interested. When we offered to help spice up some of his ideas, he became frustrated because they seemed to conflict with his sense of logic. For instance, Bark and I got into a HUGE argument (which was the ONLY time this has ever happened between Bark and I) when he was trying to come up with a name for a certain race he made up that lives in Ervia, and I kept saying "Ehh...I dunno, it seems a little too sciency-sounding." And then he finally got all mopey and irritated seemingly out of nowhere, which rubbed off on me (my auxiliary Fe) and then we both stormed off.

    Yeah...I dunno. I'll look more into the S/N argument a bit later, but I wanted to ask anyone who was interested in this little I seem to be applying the cognitive functions in an appropriate way?

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    the key is to learn to appreciate the other different ways. its the only way to combine them all, otherwise youll always go egoistically each charging with their own idea of what is perfect. and its a hard task, you wont learn such over night. for example, i love both sci-fi elements as well as feeling elements, its possible to combine them to have both. for example, i check if it has feeling value, and also checking if it has interest value (thinking) and the interesting results are, completely original names i invent, without even having to describe them youll have an idea of the person and his/her appearance. or even what creature he/she is, like name aphirus in a fantasy world.
    it clearly feels very much a male dragon and by thinking you can bring it further in, that it seems greyish tepid soft green and brown, with a personality that of a steel will. i just dont even know these days which i do first, thinking or feeling? as i do both. becomes harder to even distinct them from each other as feelings have a rational explanation of what each means while thoughts serve a purpose which will bloom with feelings of all kind. not just interest.
    and youll have to understand the other people in order to teach this to them in a way they would gain both the appreciation and understanding of it.

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