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    Had a teacher do it with us in class when I was in 8th grade, then did it again in high school - INFP both times. In my later teenage years I was fighting with my dad a lot, and looking up communication improvement resources, and stumbled across typology again. Figured out I was an ENFP instead of an INFP, and that dad was an INTP, and that perspective has helped me understand him a lot better. So, recently, has been the realization that he is an enneagram 6w5 and I am a 6w7. Things can get quite fiery between us, as I'm sure you can imagine.

    Now I am working on improving communication with my ESFJ, maybe-1w9 boyfriend! We're both stubborn.

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    In a pop psychology sense I've always been interested in quizes or information gathering and responses to quizes, from when I was much younger, I remember thinking of it along the lines of spies or x-files but I realised later that its just dull data mining like bureaucrats gather for no real reason.

    Although reading A LOT of different psychologists I've found that most theorists have some sort of conscious or unconscious typology or characterology in their works and that interested me in Jung first and MBTI second, I was familiar with enneagram from before that, I've always been interested in reflection and soul searching as a part of personal growth and development so typology fits within that.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

    whether or not you credit psychoanalysis itself, the fact remains that we all must, to the greatest extent possible, understand one another's minds as our own; the very survival of humanity has always depended on it. - Open Culture

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    Just to figure some shit out about me.
    Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.
    - Edmund Burke

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    Pretty much to figure out myself, and mainly to fix myself.. Like I would.

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    i dont remember how i heard of it, but the first time was years ago - i got into it on a theoretical level, i didn't even try to test myself, j just read the theory and decided that it needs fixing, it inspired me into my own version but i had some pieces missing... a woman came along and helped me find the missing pieces, which was the first time my exwife impressed me intellectually, and then i forgot about it for the next couple of years.

    then one day i came home and she was sitting in front of the computer and showed me the test results she got - INFJ. i took it and i was an ENTP. we where still madly inlove, the results didn't tell us anything we didn't know about each other, and it was more like a nice reaffirming slap on the back "yay the internetz is telling us we're made for each other"...
    *retroactive caugh* bullshit *retroative caugh*
    we didn't look further into it.

    then a couple of months after we broke up, when i started missing her, i remembered the MBTI theory as sort of a milestone for us from our early days, i wanted to talk to other INFJs like herself to help me understand wtf went wrong... and it helped.

    and now i'm already here so... why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    I'm curious, which mbti types were more represented?

    To answer the question, it was kinda random...I first heard about mbti maybe 5 years ago, but at the time I thought :
    a) humans are too adaptive to be fixed within personality categories
    b) that would be a way of limiting myself

    Then, one day I was bored and randomly decided to take the test. Surprisingly, it made a lot of sense. My initial concerns are still valid, but the additional knowledge proved to be very enlightening.
    Cool! And... Uhh... We did this in our study hall groups to divide the 24 kids in the program... And there's 6 days in a cycle so each group would have four people, and we didn't actually tally it as a total yet, but there was people that got ISTJ and ISFP and ENFJ. And another girl asked me about it and she told me she got INFJ. I dont even know much about this subject yet so I can't guess very accurately... But representation wise, that's all I know x)

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    I first got exposed to it in my high school psychology class. We all took a typing test and then read our type profile. I got INTJ at the time and thought it fit me well. Several years later, I would realize that INTP was an even better fit. I was always interested in what made others tick and I wanted to better understand people very different from myself and MBTI did both those things.
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    I originally got interested in it because I had a sense that I was in the wrong career. I started visiting typology forums in later years after meeting an amazingly talented ISTP illustrator because I wanted to study his type for clues that might reveal why I had a crush on him.

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    always felt I was different from everyone. Just googled about myself and personality type came up.

    what piss me off is that I talked to a professional about my common personality problem. You know feeling disconnected, introvert, etc.. and it would have been tremendous help if she would have told me about it. She was a fuckign idiot though, she couldn't even understand how my brain worked. talking to professional = waste of time.

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    I think I may have taken the test when in my teens, but I wasn't impressed by personality typing at the time.

    When I was 26 (about 6 years ago) my manager had us take one of the online tests. I was shocked by the INFJ description when I read it - it seemed so accurate and explained a lot of things about myself I really didn't "get", especially things that I found disturbing about myself (slow recovery time from emotional hurt, etc). But I didn't look into the whole theory much more than that, for several years.

    About three years ago (not that long before I joined this forum) I started looking more into the theory as a whole due to interpersonal problems. I wanted to understand why I interacted with other types a certain way, what they might be thinking...etc. And here I am. I started off with Keirsey and it gave me a good basic idea but it seemed a bit too simplistic and a bit too American (seriously, all the examples were sooooo American.) I've looked more into function theory since then and it has helped a lot but I still have a lot to learn there.
    Enneagram 6w5 sp/sx


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