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    Get a tumblr, follow some fandom blogs, and I think you'll find you're not as weird as you think.

    Ex: There was a fake trailer for a swimming anime and people were crafting the boys' personalities and writing smutty fanfictions and writing to the company that made the trailer to make a full-blown anime series with the characters.

    You don't have carnal desires for fictional characters? Aww, you're missing out.

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    I'm in the same boat as you on this one. My role models included Rose Lalonde from Homestuck, Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, and River Tam from Firefly. The more character development and speaking time they're given in the story, the more there is for me to analyze. And so the obsession grows. The most dramatic instance of this was Rose Lalonde, just due to the sheer amount of dialogue she's given and how many fantheories and character analyses there are of her outside of the comic itself. Honestly I've spent way too much time going back through her pesterlogs and marvelling at her elaborate language and the confidence she displays in herself, somehow trying to model myself after that and figure out a way to take on the qualities she has that I want to see in myself. Of course, her flaws are just as interesting.

    But one consistency is that all of the characters I grow infatuated with are "doers"--they rely on their own instincts more than what anyone else tells them, and they act on their ideas. Which is extremely difficult for me to do.

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