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    I'm not sure if the ideas of commercialism itself are bad, however, there needs to be a better way to factor in feeling(other than needs) into the economy to promote a better lifestyle. The general idea of economics is that poverty is the worst of crimes to commit and must be eliminated. I somewhat agree with this as millions of Africans and Indians have to live sub-human lives in dangerous climates. The way to do this though has large costs as well as large benefits. The benefits are clearly seen in our standards of living which Africa would be in murder lust over jealousy for. We don't have to preoccupy ourselves with lower basic needs. Hunting and farming have largely been eliminated as jobs.

    The costs are seen through the effects from implementation of seemingly flawed methods. Economics is blind to quality(feeling), so it is largely ignored. Whatever economics does can easily influence the people positively or negatively. For example, the events I mentioned above.

    I believe when stuff like this happen, the masses of easily manipulated people will turn into sheeple and thus bring down a level of values. They sacrifice part of their humanity for materials of which are absolutely praised for since it encourages capitalism. Such a works comes from the ignorance of the influential business masterminds.

    It would be nice if healthy NFs were more ambitious. Although, I wouldn't think many people would understand the poetics.

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    Not having any knowledge of commerce or economics (let alone on a global/huge country scale) I'm going to be brave and take a stab at understanding this haziness.

    So far from my understanding:
    - Poverty is a tragic situation that is very difficult to solve.
    - Millions of Africans/Indians/those living in 3rd world countries live in relative poverty.
    - The agrarian lifestyle that supported them no longer does due to grand-scale globalisation, industralisation and commercialisation.
    - According to Electric, people then sacrifice their humanity (by that I think you mean values, morals - eg. turning in to greed, survival of the fittest as opposed to cooperation) for materials. This is praised by the principles of capitalism/manipulation on a grand scale.
    - The thread's main topic so far is that people are becoming "emotionally retarded" that is that they are losing their humanity due to the competition etc in the workplace.

    Am I right so far? (Or totally off the mark - I'm a noob at trying to figure out this lol)

    Ok well other points to consider:
    - Unfortunately most 3rd world countries don't have the infrastructure in place to raise the quality of living and most people have to find some means to survive.
    - In my opinion humanity is still there, in all the grime and the dirt - being a relative optimist I think the will to cooperate/improve living is a seed in the dust. Just needs someone to water and nurture it. Hope comes into this.
    - In developed worlds with capitalist economies, my understanding is that the individual is often deleted out of the picture so one sometimes becomes a mindless automaton just pushing papers and punching numbers. Yet I disagree that we are becoming emotionally numb to others/to ourselves ... for the most part it's like the seed in the dust...except that this seed has nurturers whether it be family, friends or the like. (Sort of like two different spheres of existence - the workplace and the private)

    (Maybe I'm totally off topic so early apologies)

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    actually, you're quite precise.

    EDIT: My posts were not intended to be confusing and I hope it does not demotivated others from discussing.

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