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  • Music (composing, singing, playing an instrument, etc)

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  • Words (writing stories, poetry, songs, etc)

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  • Film and theater (acting, dancing, editing film, etc)

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  • Other (explain below)

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  • None, I prefer other activities

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    I express myself in all mediums, including dance. I'll elaborate some.

    Art- I love to draw and paint. I'm not in anyway good at details, but when I get into doodling, it gets the point across pretty well- which is all I want. My style is like Allie Brosh's of Hyperbole and a Half. I've adopted a bit of her technique to make my life easier, but overall, it is my own.

    Music: Clarinet, violin, flute, bassoon, saxophone, and pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. I play in a really good youth orchestra, and did a difficult Cajun music camp (on fiddle- had never fiddled before, and it was playing by ear).

    I also like to sing, but my voice isn't always in the right place. Sometimes it is really, really spot on. I would love to do Broadway. I can sing in that manner pretty well actually. Which leads me into-

    Film and theatre- I love to act, and and pretty good at improv. I never got into it in highschool because the theatre crowd sucked and everyone thought I acted like I was better than everyone. You can get away with that in band because it is more empirically defined. Theatre is just subjective and NFP all around. I decided I didn't want that.

    Other: Ballroom dancing- besides playing music, this is my favorite medium. I am doing ballroom (cha cha, foxtrot, swing, rumba, salsa, tango, waltz) and loving every second of it! It is so amazing. You get this connection with people you wouldn't otherwise get. Music can really connect people, but in dance you get to touch Which may not be a good thing It really brings people together though.
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    I would describe myself more as creative than artistic. I like making things, i like projects. I like writing... this can be ideas that go into the idea box and are usually on a road to long forgotten land. I used to do creative writing, i believe i won second or thrid place in my secondary school for a literary prize (I think it was a nation wide competition called the bellman?...) but i forget, it was runner up anyway.
    I absolutely loved learning some (basic) trapeze with a circus skills course i did too, i always received high marks for dance choreography and drama at school, oh and i used to do gymnastics for several years too. Umm... also have done some modern dance classes and would really like to do some latin american dance.... oh but i'd really really love to learn Flamenco, it appeals to me a great deal... the gitano expression of pain and emotion, the rawness of it and the engagement.
    What else... yes making...haha, how general.
    I love to create.... not anything specifically but i have made many original pieces of clothing... i found an amazing box of sewing patterns from 50's to 80's in a charity shop and adapted the patterns to make some really cool flares out of purple silk denim ... for stage they rocked. Have made sculptures too, out of all sorts of materials...clay, papier mache, wool even... Oh loads of clothing though, over the years.
    I can't draw well though, not in a traditional sense... my dogs look like horses, even my stick people are pretty pathetic.
    Umm also will take on projects like sanding down old wooden furniture and painting/varnishing...
    Am working on a few projects atm actually.
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    Breeding fish to make pattern and color.

    In painting, abstract-surrealist form of anal expulsive expressionism

    I have my own pictographical language

    On my job before this, I was caretaker of a Japanese garden, so I like Japanese gardening forms like rock placement, bonsai, bamboo fencing, etc.

    However, fish is so involved that I rarely have time for anything.

    I'm trying to re-structure my life now so I have time for other things.

    I may need to leave this at some point, but I don't know what I'd do.

    I consider my art as being biological forms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BAJ View Post
    Breeding fish to make pattern and color.

    I consider my art as being biological forms.
    That sounds really neat; I'd love to hear more about it if you don't mind sharing!

    I write and paint. I used to do a lot of collage/mixed media kind of stuff, but I felt myself heading down the slippery slope from "collecting art supplies" to "hoarding bits of trash," so I purged a bit and am trying to stick with less cluttered creative outlets.

    I also consider cooking and gardening as pursuits where I can be really creative in a pure sense. Gardening especially is a nice contrast to writing, because writing can be so abstract and so frustrating when you can't get your thoughts to align. Working with plants follows a kind of intuitive logic for me, and it's satisfying to be able to creatively solve problems and see (and eat!) the results. It brings my thoughts and feelings into a kind of harmony that I don't always get from other creative pursuits that I consider more cerebral.
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    I sing, compose and write lyrics. Am taking a short break for a while though after becoming a mom. I'm interested in the production side more than performing nowadays and am building a rudimentary home studio so I can just hole up and work on what I love with some great musician friends. I'm also very interested in video editing and that's one future project. Drawing and painting was what i was most gifted at at a young age and I still dabble on occasion. I have done a lot of graphic design as it was handy in the days I was still young and starting out in a band. I DJd some and organized events too. Baking is fun. So is making props for stage.

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    I've really tried hard to develop an appreciation for art besides knowing what I like.

    I think perhaps words and music would be mine sources, both for appreciation or production, although I dont share either much and probably engage in more appreciation than I do production. Geared toward consuming more than producing, although its commonplace and I'm not fatalistic about it.
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