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  • Art (drawing, sculpting, painting, etc)

    25 50.00%
  • Music (composing, singing, playing an instrument, etc)

    24 48.00%
  • Words (writing stories, poetry, songs, etc)

    36 72.00%
  • Film and theater (acting, dancing, editing film, etc)

    12 24.00%
  • Other (explain below)

    9 18.00%
  • None, I prefer other activities

    1 2.00%
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    I used to draw a lot, though not from life, and was seriously into sculpture. It was a means of escape for me. I was also a serious musician. Art and music were easy ways to not deal with people and be introverted.

    Now I'm into photography, which has the opposite effect. I'm out in the world, and my daily humdrum life is enriched by what I notice. I share my photos with others now, and can't imagine just doing it just for art's sake. Selecting an image, determining that it's good enough to be shared, means something in itself.

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    A window to the soul


    A mosaic of burnt rubber on the pavement.

    [kidding :]

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    photography and drawing are my two favorites

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    I'm a musician. I can kinda draw too, but not really. I was an English major, so I am also fond of literature and the written word.

    "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

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    I selected all of them, including the "other" category. I'm a film school kid; I worked on a number of projects with the help of my awesome peers, but I prefer the independent approach now (a small crew of trusted talent versus the schmoozing studio system). I wrote, directed, and edited a number of short films, and these three facets of filmmaking are probably my strongest foci. I haven't been as active in this area as of late, but only because I've been trying to accumulate my own gear...and it's expensive. If building your own computer/editing rig counts as an art form, add that. Oh, yeah - I've done acting too, for both stage and video. That was a lot of fun, but I never actively pursued it.

    Currently though, I'm functioning as a camera operator and sports photographer. I shoot ice hockey more than anything else, and it's becoming something of a specialty. I love photography, I love hockey...naturally, I love my job. We're getting ready for the playoffs right now. I take photographs purely for my own enjoyment, too. It's fun (and cathartic) to collect frozen moments in time, so that I can live them over again, deconstruct and reconstruct them, or simply call attention to the emotion or beauty of that specific, distilled second. I am drawn to conceptual and abstract photography, so I like to play around in that arena too whenever possible. Anything goes, really.

    When it comes to painting, I'm especially driven toward the abstract end of the spectrum. I seem to communicate best in various modes of abstract expressionism, surrealism, and pop art. Realism is a bit difficult, since it's more natural for me to express something I'm feeling or imagining on the inside than it is to accurately reproduce something from my external environment. If I attempt a realistic subject, it's more likely to be in the form of a drawing.

    I love words and consider language itself to be one of the grandest art forms of all. Studying new languages is very rewarding, and I want to master one of them someday. I write short stories and journal my thoughts a lot. I'm not a prolific poet, but sometimes I try arranging my thoughts in verses.

    I have the least experience with music, but I did have training in voice and piano when I was younger. Now, I'm mostly interested in electronic music composition, but if I seriously attacked this on top of everything else I enjoy doing, I would never see the light of day again. I would finally fall into the abyss of creation and die there.

    I checked "other" because I engage my creative processes in just about everything I do. I'm really into fashion, for example, so I'm always arranging and wearing unique looks.

    That was kind of long...I apologize. I just get really excited about my hobbies.
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    why is this thread associated with NF.....we are supposed to be the artistic ones? i didn't know...

    anyways, music. and some creative writing too. and theater i guess.

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    I write a lot and work on my photography skills. I love music and have played several instruments. If I weren't such a perfectionist I might be able to learn to play guitar at the level I want to, but not yet. When I was younger I used to draw a lot, sang in choirs, danced (ballet, ballroom, street, charleston, you name it) and did theatre.

    As for "other": My second biggest outlet is baking and cooking. I invent and tweak recipes to as close to perfection as possible, then work on the presentation. Apart from that I need to create stuff with my hands from time to time and since I am a geek, I crochet amigurumi. Like Totoro, the cat bus and sprites.

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    playing drawsomething
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    Ive mainly been in music and playing guitar for years. I like to paint for relaxing and writing poetry for relaxation too. Ive been starting to get into photography lately, my dad is a photographer and has been pushing me kindly to do it haha. Its actually alot of fun so I appreciate it. I really like editing films for music and besides that I like woodworking projects alot ( Guitar making, tables, benches, bookshelves etc) This is when I have time.. I have a couple of them unfortunately in the basement waiting... ahh well

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