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    Question what do you find reaffirming?

    what do you find reaffirming? what kind of gestures help you feel better about yourself and have a positive influence over your sense of esteem?

    also, what kind of gestures can do the exact opposite?

    please state your type & gender along with your answers.
    (i want to know if there are type or gender related patterns)

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    When someone compliments my work it really gets to me and I can't help but be more confident.

    When an older woman tells me I'm handsome or charming, it really gets to me. My guard is down because I don't feel they would act on their words and I really can't help but take the compliment.

    When a kind girl comes over to me and talks to me, it's usually because she sees my kindness I think. And this reassures me that I'm kind.

    When someone yells at me, it tests my will. Whether my will is reaffirmed or degraded is my choice. I either turn the other cheek, or if mal intent is present, and I feel cornered, I may boost the will and put them in their place.

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