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Thread: Evil ENFJs

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    I live with an ENFJ I have a lot in common with her, I like her very much.
    I think she is a gossip and is to conserned with other peoples lives. I think she has dramatic moods and needs to calm down, she's also bossy. I don't think she is evil or bad at all. If she doesn't like you maybe a diffrent story

    I'm also close to an ENTJ, again same thing wth him but less gossip. He upsets a lot of people by being insesitive but he mens well, his ethics are way out of line andhe does bad things BUT he simple is unable to see ethics for what they everything is a means to and end for him. He means well and cares very deeply again when you know he's not evil. To others he is the devil him self

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thessaly View Post
    Because ENFJs have such a deep capacity to love they also have a deep capacity for hate, vengeance, torture and murder-suicides. If anyone is willing to hold you emotionally captive for forgetting to buy them a birthday card, it's an ENFJ (ESFJs a close second). Just try not to feel riddled with guilt when they give you the silent treatment. I DARE YOU.
    One of my very best friends is an ENFJ. I've known her for a decade and I can't say I've ever sent her a b-day card. I seriously suspect that she doesn't even remember it herself cause she's adorably absent minded... ... ...Then again I'm an INFJ and we're notoriously evil and psychopathic so we propably get along well with evil ENFJs as we have similiar hobbies... like coming up with novel ways to torture and torment other MBTI types, plotting world domination, sticking pins and needles into dolls fashioned after co-workers, arcane and sinister rituals freelance auditing and also knitting socks that are very uncomfortable for orphans.
    If you'll excuse me I must return to my lair to contemplate your destruction

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