Fe has an incredibly high demand for feeling closeness and feeling understood in very close relationships. On the other hand, in mutual friendships, Fe is adaptable to a wide circle of friends and often leaves the wielder with a feeling of loneliness, due to the simple reason that he doesnt comit in his feelings.

Its the story of my life: huge circle of friends, everywhere I go I am liked and people invite me over but still I have a persisting feeling of loneliness.

Being engaged with a Fi dom has made this very clear for me. She's like totally scarce in giving away a compliment to me and if she does its to her such a personal thing that she becomes very vulnerable when she does. To me throwing out compliments is like daily work to get my buddies happy.

And thats the whole secret there is. I will always feel a tad bit lonely next to my Fi girl, cause she doesnt pay me the compliments with such a high frequency like my ego needs them. The truth tho is, if she would pay me the compliments with a high frequency, I'ld have long been gone because I never took her serious.

So the thing is, when you take certain things for granted and dont remind yourself at times of what you actually really have, then those things will get boring and leave you with a feeling of longing or loneliness. If that feeling persists tho you reminded yourself, you maybe aint happy with the way things are and most probably its the superficiality of relationships bogging you down.

Thats at least how it was and is for me from a tert Fe perspective