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    Default A little help from some firiends....

    Hi all,

    I have two questions and am wondering if I need to split them into two posts.... Probably.

    First question:
    I have met a really nice girl online who says she is an INFJ. I am new to this whole letter description thing but have a little knowledge of testing from dyslexia (the hardest word to type for a dyslexic (or is it that one)). We are about to go on a first date and I don't want to upset her. This might be strange for a first post but I thought I would bite the bullet and ask for some help. Does that automatically mean she is shy? I am not sure what to expect....

    Secondly and more confusingly since I learnt about this "four letter code thing" I have researched it and taken a couple of free tests online. Quite strangely these tests both said I was an INFJ.

    So amidst these ramblings are really two questions... The first is are two INFJs compatible? Like poles repel? And the second is there any tests you guys recommend (probably find this from a forum search) and any pointers to explore this revelation further!

    Thanks for the help and apologies for the ramblings.

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    Well it's never as simple as opposites attract and likes repel. For some people it can work quite well, and for can be flat-out disastrous. I like other INFJs on the whole, and could see myself with one.
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