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    Default Common INFP-INFJ Relationship Issues

    What problems might arise in an INFP-INFJ relationship where the INFJ is Very insulting and combative (hasn't been healthy, ever) never having a safe loving home, and the INFP is consistently disloyal to his family, divorced, and plays women for sex?
    I know of a couple like this and wonder how it might go for them.

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    neither of these situations bode particularly well for a relationship. hopefully the Fi and generally soft nature of the INFP can help soothe the combativeness of the INFJ and the Fe and behavior-oriented nature of the INFJ can curb the looseness of the INFP. but the insults of the INFJ could easily trigger Fi flare and promote Ne escape while the poor behavior of the INFP could easily insult Fe and send warning signals to Ni. i wish them luck.

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    First of all, I am confused why the INFP would have sex with other woman, as he should be extremely loyal, but there may be some unspoken problem that needs to be discussed.

    Plus, he may be disloyal because the INFJ is combative, for INFPs are very sensitive and if he feels that he is unloved, that may be the reason for that. The INFJ needs to be more understanding to the INFPs needs. Just a nice, quiet conversation should really touch the INFP (with no combativeness) If the INFP knows how much the INFJ cares, he will feel so bad that he will try to make it up to you the best he can. Just always be open to talk with an INFP. This is the only way to really pierce them. And e'en though we may occasionially withdraw, we still love you very deeply.

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