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Okay, I admit my previous post was a mess but ^^^ what?

Perhaps you are right. Perhaps it is the case that I cannot understand as I am not an INFJ. So I’ll step away from this part of the thread now. But I wish you the very best with your healing. Take good care of yourself janea.
StarryKnights, I sincerely apologize. I did not mean to run you off. I am enjoying our discussion. I admit that I misunderstood your post. I thought you were implying that I was being selfish and just trying to soften the blow by prefacing with "I hope you don't think I think you're being selfish". I admit I read too much into things sometimes and don't take things at face value. I'm working on that.

Thank you for clarifying though. I realize I should have taken my time in responding. I just jumped on and responded real quick right as I was heading out the door at work. Another big thing I'm working on....taking my time to formulate a thoughtful response instead of just reacting with emotion.

Anyway, I do appreciate your feedback and again, I'm sorry. :-/ Thank you for the healing wishes. I wish you the same as I understand you are struggling too.