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    Default ENFPs: The funny voices in your head

    My 16 yo ENFP son came home from school a few months back.

    He said “Mom, do you ever feel like you have several different voices in your head?

    Like one is the real you, but then one is full of crazy, spastic, insanity and then the last one is keeps telling you not to do the crazy ideas as you will get into trouble?” For him, the third voice is a very recent thing he has become aware of-he calls it his sense of responsibility.

    I completely recognize this and name the three voices: me, Ne and Te.

    A typical convo, the likes of which is repeated hundreds of times on any given day:

    Me: Gotta get that report done and then I wonder what we will eat for dinner…

    Ne: kangaroos? Catapults? Scarfs made from asparagus and Brussels sprouts…? Weeee!!!

    Me: Could you make foodstuffs into clothing?

    Ne: They do it with hemp, why not Brussels sprouts??!!!??? WITH CHEESE!!!!!!

    Me and Te: *snickers in my brain* *slight smile on my face*

    Te: Haha, dumbass, there is a pork loin thawed in the fridge, but we need to get coffee, milk and pick up some salad stuff

    Other enfps, can you identify this sort of thought process?

    Is it actually as clear as internal subvocalization?

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    Fornicate yeah. I also get that smile on my face a lot. It's a pain in the ass when someone asks what you're smiling about.
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