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    Default SI's Fan-Fiction and Short Story Thread

    Since I aspire to write more and have written several works, I feel as though I should share them with the local community because . . . well I can't think of any good reason not to.

    Since some of the stories are in-universe Magic the Gathering, I'll provide a link here that allows one quick and easy access to anything MTG related: Object moved So when you see names, locations, etc. of certain MTG characters or things, then all you need to do is use the search feature (although one shouldn't be too lost in reading them without MTG knowledge, most of my works focus on the characters overcoming some sort of goal or obstacle, less on the finer workings of the MTG universe).

    Any commentary is welcome; what you like about the story, what you hate, advice on how you would make it better, why you like or dislike certain characters, typing the characters, etc.

    But above all else, please enjoy what I have to offer

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    Default The Alaran Chronicles - The Loner Uril

    EDIT: pics added, see below.

    The Loner Uril

    Mists are but a realm of blindness from which all potential goes to rest. It is here we hide from all the dangers of the world, shielding ourselves from those that would otherwise harm us. Alone here, we can't but help wonder of what goes on the outside. For while we hide we miss all that the world has to offer, and our curiosity draws us into obsession concerning the outer world. But that wretched fear binds us, and into melancholy we sink. Then we can only dream of what goes on outside the Whitecover, dream of all the majesty and beauty of life that occurs, and dream of the destiny that will eventually compel us to return to that life.

    Those were such ideal thoughts I had when I was but a young man, a hoping but sad fellow who kept company only with mountains around him. Funny how old I've grown in the generations since the Grand Return of Worlds; that now the idea of silently hiding from everything is both juvenile and pathetic. I can recall those earlier years as though they were only yesterday . . .

    It was the time when Naya was still but it's own world, separate from any influence of progress or power. It was like any typical day, the clouds engulfed the skies and the mists covered the ground below. I wandered in pensive reflection, thinking about all the good days I had before I fled into Whitecover. Then in the corner of my left eye, I noticed a Nacatl jumping for my attention atop the edge of a cliff. I moved over towards the tiny beast and spoke with it.

    "Hello there little creature."
    "I'm no little creature!" roared the Nacatl with a grin.
    "Perhaps. But compared to me, you're little. Why do you seek me?"
    "I was amazed to find that such a creature really did exist! Sure the other Nacatl didn't believe me, but I knew my gut instinct was right! You were but a legend to most other Nacatl of the last cloud empire, but I had a feeling that you existed! Thus I wanted to speak to you, the great legendary Uril, the Mist Stalker!"
    "I am happy to see that you have longed to meet me. What is your name Nacatl?"
    "They call me Timus the Orange, King of Qasal!"
    "Qasal? I thought the cloud empire died out ages ago."
    "Sadly most of my race has dissipated back into the wilds. But not Qasal! We still live on with strength and vigor! Come Uril, I wish to show you my home! Uh, that is if it's not too much trouble on your part."
    "I suppose I shall visit, please lead the way then."

    Timus and I then walked through the mountains for a couple hours before reaching the Stronghold of Qasal. The stone buildings were etched into the sides of the surround mountains and there were even stone pathways upon where the Nacatl walked.

    When we arrived many of the Nacatl seemed to panic and flee from my presence. My as soon as Timus stepped forward and introduced me, the Nacatl quickly calmed down and welcomed me with praise. Timus then showed me to his throne room, which sat on the highest platform among the stone towers. From here Timus could see all of his kingdom and much of the surrounding mountain side.

    "The sunset looks beautiful from this view." I had said.
    "Indeed, it is but a reminder of why a pacifist's existence is always better than a warrior's one; for while the warrior spends his time on drawing blood, he losses focus of more mystical things, however the pacifist spends his time on everything and gains everything that the world has to offer."
    "Are those words of your own?"
    "Not exactly, it's a passage from the Coil, but the value of it is one that I share to my core being, thus I can say it as my own philosophy of life."
    "The Coil?"
    "It's our code of life; it's primary tenet is one that says that we may do as we please so long as we do not harm others. That was the first tenet of the scripture, long before it became corrupted."
    "I am intrigued, please tell me more about this Coil."
    "Well, generation ago, it was but a method of life for us Nacatl, simple and pure, easy to understand and follow. It gave us a social order that we all loved and embraced, and all was good in life. However, as generations went on, the Coil became more and more confusing, with so many new rules and languages added to it that it became impossible to understand. Eventually, no one except the Pride of Judges understood it, and they enforced it with an iron rule. However, by that time our society was crumbling, civil war had broken out and many of our former inhabitants rebelled against the old system. There was much chaos and bloodshed. The original stone scripture of the Coil itself was destroyed during the destruction of Antali. But all was not lost. What little of us that remained built this great city of Qasal and I soon took leadership. Since then I have chosen to reconstruct the old values of the Coil into newer ones; I took only the most ancient and original scriptures and made them the law here. But I put into place a new rule; that no additional rules may be added to the New Coil. This way, we can still live by civilized means without the possibility of corruption."
    "I never knew that you Nacatl had such a rich history and culture."
    "Indeed, we are a species of wealthy history and culture!", laughed Timus, "So tell me Uril, what of your past do you have to share? Any interesting stories or grand tales of adventure? Of sorrow, delight, and mystery?"

    At that moment, I felt a strange feeling of apprehension and mental discomfort. And without saying anything back to Timus, I fled back into the Whitecover.

    * * * * *

    Sunrise always illuminated the Whitecover; one could actually slightly see through the mists and fog. I wandered as always, reflecting on past events, specifically my recent encounter with Timus. I wondered how Timus could have possibly felt after my sudden departure; pondered all the possible emotions and thoughts that went on within him as a result of my actions. At the time I felt guilty for abandoning Timus like that, and yet I could not bring myself to ever see him again. I merely wallowed in my self-pity and despair.

    Then as fate would have it, I turned around to see Timus atop the edge of a mountain cliff jumping for my attention. I started to turn away for a moment, but then I felt an overwhelming sadness as the thought of poor Timus standing all alone atop that cliff, emotionally devastated by my hiding. Thus I felt compelled to at least meet him at least one last time, so that I could clear up any misunderstandings.

    "Hello Timus."
    "Uril I'm so glad to see you again! Why did you run off yesterday? Was it something I said?"
    "Uh no, not at all. It's just . . . "
    "Hm? Just what? Or perhaps I shouldn't ask, I can tell that you don't what to discuss some things and I'm willing to respect that."
    "Ok, thanks."
    "Do you want to return to Qasal with me? There is so much more I wish to show you about my culture and people!"
    "Sure, I suppose."
    "Come now, what kind of attitude is that!? Say yes like you mean it!"
    "Now that's the spirit!" laughed Timus.

    * * * * *

    Timus and I spent the next several days visiting the city of Qasal as well as venturing through the vine choked foggy mountains that surrounded the area. I learned much about Timus, of how he used wit and strategy to solve problems as opposed to brute force. Although he would sometimes he would take the role of a military commander, he was primarily a diplomat and compassionate leader. He taught me how to enjoy laughter for its own sake, something that I had forgotten how to do years ago. I could see why he was so respected; his charisma could win over any heart, and he almost never ceased to grin with both confidence and enthusiasm.

    During our travels among the wilds, we took a walk one day into the Whitecover. While we were talking the topic of auramancy came into discussion.

    "Hm? So you know of auramancy?" asked Timus.
    "Yes. I began studying it years ago."
    "How come?"
    "I was intrigued by the potential it had to offer. I thought that, maybe if I learned more about this natural life magic, that I could undergo a greater spiritual growth of some sort. Or possibly, that this understanding of life magic would . . ."
    "Would what? Or perhaps I shouldn't ask-"
    "No. It's ok, I trust you, so I'll share my reasons. It's, because," I turned my head away in slight embarrassment, "I, um thought, that it would somehow allow me to, make friends."
    "Make friends?"
    "Well, the mystical bond of an aura can be shared between beings if own knows the right means to do so. Thus if one were to transfer an aura from themselves onto another, then they could possible build a greater bond between the two, as each spirit would be connected in terms of their soul."
    "How noble! My dear Uril I knew you were a good creature, but I never thought that you were so kind hearted under your shy exterior!"
    "Oh, you really think I'm, kind?" I said while blushing.
    "Of course! In fact, I would like you to make an aura for me!"
    "R-really? Um, sure, I'll be glad to."

    So I prepared the aura transfer. I chanted some words, then instructed Timus to close his eyes. I closed my eyes, and then searched the deepest depths of my feelings. I felt the auras grow over our bodies, and then I felt a small part of myself fuse within Timus himself. Soon the auras faded and a silent wind blew by.

    "I feel stronger than I ever have before!" grinned Timus.
    "I'm happy for you."

    Then out of the mist came a dark and terrible creature. It was slick and serpent like; it had these large flat arms that carried it through the air, two stubby hind legs, and was jet black. At that time I was unaware that it was what other beings referred to as a drake. It flew towards Timus as if it was attempting to attack him. However the drake was but a tiny creature compared to me; I caught it before it could near Timus, and then smashed it against the side of the mountain. I then dropped its battered corpse atop the mountain bluff. Timus and I stared at the ominous dead creature, each of us had a sense of unease from the presence of that wicked thing.

    * * * * *

    Timus and I continued to strengthen our friendship within Qasal, and he preceded to show me more of his society and ways of life.

    "And these ornaments are old warrior decorations, and these tusk carvings with gems built in them were used as signals calling upon the arrival of a behemoth or a declaration of war. Then again with you around we wouldn't have to worry about either!"

    Both Timus and I laughed in happiness. In had been a long while since I felt such jovial and pleasant emotions.

    "And those huts built around tree trunks, what purpose do they serve?" I asked.
    "Ah those are but our homes! We call them drays, and they make for a comfortable living space."
    "If only I wasn't hundreds of feet tall, I might actually be able to live in them."
    "Fear not Uril, for I'll be more than happy to build you one!" laughed Timus.
    "Would, would you really?"
    "Indeed, I would. You've spent several days around our city, I see no reason why you shouldn't be included among us."
    "I'm honored."

    Then at that moment some other Nacatl approached Timus with an urgent look on their faces. Timus excused himself as we went to go speak with them. I listened carefully as I heard him speak with his cohorts.

    "There was another group of them, this time on the south ridge and there's some of those fuzzy creatures sneaking their way along the canyons. Our forces cannot contain both." said one of the Nacatl.
    "Fear not, this doesn't look like too much trouble. Move our best men to rendezvous with those small beasts, however have half of them engage them from the front while the other half climb the mountain side and ambush them from the rear, I doubt such things could anticipate or survive a flanking maneuver. As for the fuzzy creatures, have all the other warriors engage them by throwing rocks and screaming at them. I have a hunch that such foul things don't possess the skill nor bravery to deal with such hostility. If that doesn't work then have the fuzzy beasts chase the warriors and then break formation into the jungle. Once they lose them they can rendezvous back here as the rest of us prepare our defenses."

    The other Nacatl then left and Timus returned to me.

    "So now, where were we!?" grinned Timus.

    * * * * *

    One day while I napped in the depths of the Whitecover, Timus spent his time planning was movements concerning the recent invasion of various odd creatures that no one had ever seen before. While looking over maps of the surrounding areas atop his throne, he was approached by a group of fellow Nacatl.

    "Timus, we request an audience with you." said one of the Nacatl.
    "What is it that you need?"
    "It concerns your friend Uril." Timus adverted his gaze up from the maps. "We need to discuss his presence here."
    "And what about it?"
    "We're somewhat unsure just how much trust we can place in that beast."
    "Relax there's no need to worry, Uril has proven himself an intelligent and benevolent creature, he'll assist us whenever needed."
    "But don't you think it's strange Timus? Uril, a legend among behemoths that supposedly never existed just so happens to appear during the same time that we start encountering strange beasts that aren't native to this land."
    "Wait you're not saying that Uril is one of those thing?!"
    "It's what we're all thinking Timus. Our scouts have reported seeing giant monsters unlike any seen before; these ones were intentionally destructive, deliberately attacking anything they desired. In addition they possess a level of intellect greater than that of any other behemoth. How can we be sure that Uril isn't from the same land as these creatures?"
    "Look Uril isn't like that, got it! I know him, he's a good being, I can feel it."
    "Well maybe you have some sort of spiritual connection to it, but we actually recognize beasts for what they truly are-'
    "Enough! Focus your efforts on suppressing the other strange creatures that we have seen, I'll deal with Uril and let me assure you, I'll gain proof that he has always been an inhabitant of Naya. You're dismissed.

    * * * * *

    Timus and I spent most of the day in the Whitecover, discussing various subjects and personal feelings. Then Timus prepared to ask me something, but hesitated with a troubled look on his face.

    "What's wrong Timus?"
    "Uril, we're friends, aren't we?"
    "Of course Timus, what would compel you to ask such a question?"
    "It, well, it concerns you origin."
    "My origin?"
    "Uril, I trust you, I know you're a good being deep down, but I can't but help the feeling that you're hiding something. Something personal that pains you because you won't share it. I've known this feelings, even before the sharing of aura. Uril, why did you run away when I asked of your past? Are you not from this land?"
    "Timus. You are like a brother to me now. I feel safe sharing my secrets with you. So perhaps it's time that you know of my true past, and why I hide here within the Whitecover. It all started several hundred years ago in the Valley of the Ancients, which is where I used to live. One day I came upon a great beast like none other seen before; it was similar in appearance to those serpent like creatures that have been appearing everywhere. But this one, it wasn't like them at all in a different sense; this creature was pure evil. Thankfully it had never seen me, I merely observed it from behind a mountain as it gazed over the horizon, as if it were plotting something. I could feel the dark presence radiate from it, a darkness that sent fear through my soul. Then it simply vanished away in thin air, forever gone from this world. However, after seeing this dark omen, I fled far away from the Valley of the Ancients and into the Whitecover. Never before in my life had I been so terrified of such an awful thing. I then let my fear of that thing overwhelm me. I became too afraid to ever venture out of the Whitecover again since then. Eventually I grew ashamed of my cowardice and wallowed in self-pity and depression. That's why when you originally asked me of my past, I ran away, all those terrible memories reminded me of why I was so worthless, and I couldn't do anything but run away. For that, I'm sorry."
    "No, I'm sorry." cried Timus, "Sorry for all the sorrow that you have had to live through. No one deserves that, and such a curse, it shouldn't afflict anyone. But you need not worry. For I shall help you! If you seek to venture far beyond the Whitecover then I'll make it happen!"
    "I am eternally grateful. But how will you make such a noble endeavor come true?"

    Then Timus and I ventured near the farthest edge of the Whitecover, boarding the overgrown plains of Naya. I felt an overwhelming nervousness at the sight of it.

    "Uril, I want you to take a step forward."
    "I, I can't."
    "Yes you can Uril."
    "No, no I'm too scared."
    "Uril! I know you, not just from the sharing of aura, but also from our sacred bond as friends. And despite your worrisome look, I can see it in your eyes, you want to go back out there. So why wait!? Venture out there Uril, just a few steps at the least, I'll be watching you."
    "Alright then."

    And so I took but one small step away from the Whitecover and into the plains. I could feel my heart race immensely, and I trembled uncontrollably. I took another small step, and then another, each time I stepped forward I would look back to Timus as he urges me on with great emotional support. I kept moving and moving, and soon before I knew it, I could barely hear Timus as I was basking in the radiant sunlight of Naya's wondrous open beauty. I had overcome my fear of the evil, and had embraced a new sense of self. I turned back towards Timus in warm glee, and he grinned with warm glee right back.

    * * * * *

    For the next few days, I spent the mornings frolicking through the nearby areas of Naya as Timus would organize strategic maneuvers during his morning work. Timus was drawing battle plans on maps when he was approached by several members of his council.

    "Timus this is urgent!" said one of the Nacatl.
    "What's the problem?" Asked Timus.
    "There's chaos out in the city, a rebel faction has began committing acts of vandalism and looting!"
    "Wild Nacatl have forced their way back into the city!? But what about our defenses!?"
    "That's the problem! It's not wild Nacatl, it's some of our own city inhabitants!"
    "The constant battle with these strange invaders has been depleting our resources, our reserves have run low. This has taken quite a toll on the citizens who now hunger during these dark times. In addition that Uril beast has been perceived as one of those things, the people are in a panic over the danger it poses! Damn it Timus the city is spiraling out of control, you must do something to quell this violence before it engulfs the entire city!"
    "Alright! Here's what we'll do, have all our warriors focus on suppressing the rebellion as best they can while ensuring that all other Nacatl civilians are brought to the Great Meeting Chamber, there I'll give a speech in order to strengthen their resolve."

    And so Timus organized his plan; as the warriors fought against the rebels he began a speech in a crowded hall of upset, frightened, and impatient Nacatl.

    "Attention everyone!" shouted Timus, "I know that current situations look grim, but please remain calm, everything is under control! While resources may be near depletion there are methods that we can utilize in order to regain necessary materials!"

    But there was only a backlash of anger from the crowd who made an uproar at the king's proposal. As Timus got everyone to quiet down one Nacatl shouted at him.

    "And what of Uril! We tire of this suspicious monster that appeared the same time as these other terrible things! If that thing is one of them then it's an enemy and must die!"

    The crowd made an uproar in approval of such a notion. Timus tried again to quiet the crowd again before he spoke back to them.

    "Uril is an ally, a close friend of mine, trust me, he is no danger to any of you!"
    "Lies! Then where does he originate from!? Who is he really! Tell us now!"

    The crowd began going into an uproar again as Timus tried in vain to reassure them that I was no real threat, but paranoia had infected their minds. Timus then knew that certain measures had to be taken for the good of his people, even at the expense at the bond of trust. He informed them of my true past, of my fear, and of my triumph against such fear. He told them everything. And when all had been said, some peace and briefly returned to his people upon them knowing the truth about me. But they were still unsatisfied, so Timus promised them that upon my next return that I would assist them in their endeavors.

    * * * * *

    Later that same day I returned to the throne tower of Timus as he continued to analyze his battle maps.

    "Hello Timus. Hm, you're still busy during this time of the day?" I asked.
    "Yes, a lot of trouble has been brewing."
    "It's those strange creatures isn't it?"
    "Timus, I wish not to stand around here and do nothing, is there anything I can do to help you in these tough times?"
    "Funny you asked, I was just about request that you do exactly that!" chuckled Timus, "Yes, in fact I greatly need your assistance, ah! But first I have something to give to you!"

    Timus left his throne and descended down some stairs into the inner part of the tower. He emerged several minutes later with a strange shiny object.

    "Uril, I want you to have this." said Timus as he showed me the object.
    "What is it?"
    "It's called a sigil, this one is said to give one strength when in the company of one's companions. And I feel that you deserve it."

    I was about to take the object, but then I noticed that Timus was struggling not to cry.

    "Timus, what is the matter?"
    "Oh Uril, I feel guilty for what I have done, for I have done something terrible!
    "Come now Timus, what could you have possibly done?"

    And so Timus confessed of how his citizens were suspicious of me, of how he revealed my true past to his citizens, and of how he destroyed my trust. I felt betrayed. At the time all I could focus on was my anger and resentment.

    "Timus, how could you!"
    "I'm, s-sorry."
    "Timus, I never want to see your face again, your no friend to me, you serpent." I said as I left.
    "No Uril wait! Uril I'm sorry! Uril!"

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    * * * * *

    I ventured far away from Qasal, away from the jungle mountains, away from the Whitecover, and into the fields of Naya. I left all that behind as I ran to a new place to hide from the painful feelings. When I came onto the fields however, I saw not the peaceful serenity that Timus had showed me before, but rather a war zone that reflected my conflicted feelings and emotions. Everywhere behemoths and dragons fought in a blood soaked battle of fury and violence. For some reason though, the mere sight of such chaos drove me into a frenzy; I lost all control as I began to attack dragon and behemoth alike in battle. Each one feel after the last as I crushed everything in my path. Then a dragon three times as big as the others flew towards me and engaged me in battle.

    It first attempted to bite me but I grabbed it by the maw and swung it around towards the ground. It landed with a great thud, but rose back up in an instant. I charged towards it but as I did it unleashed a torrent of flame from its mouth at me. I moved back out of the way as the flames but singed my fur. The dragon then lunged at me and crunched down on my left forearm. I bellowed in pain as I tried to punch it over and over. It then flew around me, arm still clenched in its jaw. I fell to the ground as it thrashed and tore my arm more and more. I finally wrestled my arm free, but was then bitten on my right shoulder by the dragon. I managed to squirm my way up and knock it off me before I punched it in the face. However the dragon but rolled over slightly and faced me with full bloodlust. It then bellowed a roar of epic might, and dozens more dragons flew through the air towards us, and I could hear a voice from beyond bellow 'Karrthus!' over and over. Knowing I could not win against such an army I ran back into the mountains.

    I ran through the jungle mountains as fast as I could, my injuries had weakened my considerably and I had exhausted all my strength. Eventually I made it back into the Whitecover as I slowed to catch by breath. I walked slowly as I lost myself in the deep trenches of fog. After a while I saw what appeared to be a strange object on one of the cliffs. As I walked closer towards it I saw that it was the dead body of a Nacatl. When I finally was next to it I saw that it was Timus. I rushed over and picked up his body and screamed his name. But it was pointless, Timus had multiple spears and arrows through his body and he was drenched in blood. I realized then that by leaving, by abandoning in him in his time of need, that his people must have rebelled and killed him. He escaped here to find me but ended up dying alone instead. I could only cry at the sight of his fallen body. Of all that he had done for me, of all the love that he showed me, I had shown him only anger in his last moments of life. As I sat there sobbing I noticed that he was still holding the sigil that he wanted to give to me earlier. I took the small object and held it in my hand.

    "Oh Timus! I'm so sorry!", I cried, "I should've been more understanding, had I not allowed myself to run away, I could have helped your people and you would still draw breath! Timus, you were like a brother to me, and for that I loved you. And even if your spirit could forgive me, I could never accept that, for it was my foolishness that led to your demise. But I will not let your death be in vain though, I know you wanted me to find freedom, and you wanted to save your people! So I will take this sigil, and defend your home against these wretched invaders!"

    And so I took the sigil and focused my energy into it. The small little object then transformed ten times in size and fitted around my neck. I could feel its strength coarse through my body and soul, but especially I felt the small part of Timus as his essence flowed within me. I then ventured out of the Whitecover, out of the jungle mountains, and back into the fields of Naya.

    There the dragons continued to dominate against the great beasts of Naya without delay. I approached the battlefield and screamed a mighty roar. Every beast of Naya heard my bellow and I could feel their spirits give me strength. I charged forward with unnerving ferocity and destroyed a dragon with one punch. I fought dragon after dragon with ease as the behemoths assisted me, and soon most of the terrible dragons had fallen. The only one left was Karrthus, whom flew overhead of me and back into the mountains. I followed it through the mountains and all the way back to the city of Qasal. It bellowed fire down among the buildings and citizens. I quickly moved up a mountain ledge and leapt from it, as I descended I feel atop Karrthus and dragged him to the ground. I wrestled with him and attempted to keep him from breathing fire on any other buildings or beings. I kept trying to fight him, but I felt weak without the presence of the behemoths. Then as all hope seemed lost I could hear the chanting of the other Nacatl, who seeing me defend their city, cheered me on. Their support gave me great strength and I felt power like never before. Using my new power I grabbed Karrthus and shoved him straight into the side of a mountain over and over. Then I pinned him and preceded to punch him multiple times, I could hear his bones snap and break. When he was completely battered I threw him across the air and into one of the nearby valleys. He rose up almost immediately, but was completely shaken and weary from battle. He then preceded to fly away from the city of Qasal.

    I could then hear the cheering of the Nacatl of Qasal, all of them proud for my heroic deed. But at that moment I choose to ignore their cheering and praise, and I walked back through the mountains and into the Whitecover. I found the corpse of Timus still laying atop that cliff. I picked up his dead body, and in respect to it, I ate it whole. Then I left the Whitecover for good, never to return to it again.

    * * * * *

    Hundreds of years have passed since that day, and the wisdom and love of Timus still remains deep in my heart. For if it were not for his guidance, I would have never left the Whitecover nor have learned of the great worlds that existed outside of it. I have learned many more things since then, of different cultures and creatures, of different magic and life. And I too have shared my wisdom with many beings and enlightened others in the same way that Timus enlightened me. Perhaps it's true what I thought at a younger age, that mists are but a realm of blindness from which all potential goes to rest. But all it takes is one flame of passion and love, and the mists that hide that potential can release it openly into the world.

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    Pics of the Major characters and locations from the above story:





    Jungle Mountains


    Naya Fields

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