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    Default ENFP Job Search Stress/Anxiety

    How do other ENFPs go about searching for jobs and stay sane in the process? I have found this one of the highest stress tasks I've ever taken on, both from the process side and from the stress on relationships with those around me.

    I'm normally very difficult to get angry, but job searches leave me so stressed that I want to punch things and pull my hair out. They also lead to other self destructive behaviours re-emerging as stress avoidance/relief. Plus I go into myself a bit and lose social interest. At the same time I have a lot harder time imagining the future or dreaming because it feels road blocked, like the things that would normally drive me to get out of it shut down.

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    My best luck has actually been through networking. Spewing off to the world what I really want to do with my life and people tend to try to help me out. Other ways have led to a lot of paperwork and dead ends.
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