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    Quote Originally Posted by Thinkist View Post
    You N(F)Ps are not alone. SPs are prone to leaving projects behind as well.
    And NTPs. I think it just comes with the P territory a lot of the time.

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    Exactly. Something similar has been part of several MBTI tests.
    Thinkist: not optimist nor pessimist. I am primarily competent in the enneagram.
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    Ti-Se-Si-Ni-Te-Fi-Ne-Fe. I'm always questioning this, particularly the Si.
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    Routines really bore me and they seem to suck the life and fun out of an activity I would usually like. Jail or the army would be like death for me. I'm productive in the sense that I am always doing something so I'm never really bored. I hang out with friends whenever I can and then do my own thing when they have to leave. I hate deadlines and schedules -- they stress me out and I don't feel free. Mainly, I get all my work done by saying to myself, "Look you have nothing else to do right now so why not do this thing you have to do anyway?" This doesn't always work but I know that later I will get to have fun and do what I want. Hope this helps -- I'm in college so I'm not sure if how much this applies directly to you.

    However, I still have a workout routine. I stick with it and I am motivated because I have a lot of energy to spend. It keeps me from getting stressed out and it's great to see all the progress you make. You can always look to the future, it always makes me determined to do better than I did before. Also, it makes you look good too

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    I think it's a P thang.

    I LOVE starting new projects. I am pumped, energized, enthused, ready to build rome in a day, etc. Then................. about a quarter of the way through the collapse begins. At first it's just a crack in the foundation and then when I hit about 75% complete it begins to domino outwards.

    I usually stop the project when I am at the 90-99% range.

    "Art is never finished, only abandoned".... yeah... that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakawaka View Post
    I noticed that I have a knack of starting new things with absolute enthusiasm and then getting bored/stressed lacking motivation to actually carry on the idea to reality. I have always blamed my failure of quitting out projects to lack of dedication/diligence in general. Maybe it's best if I go at multiple projects but do different ones in a single day setting at different times/orders and then review my progress on weekly basis? I'm kinda worried I can't even stay committed to the idea itself and just go back to procrastinating.

    How do you guys motivate yourselves?
    Appreciating the experience of getting things done. And indulging in the effects of growth, that the experience can give you psychologically. I live for pleasure, so its just a matter of tweaking my perspective of how I experience things/situations, every once in a while.

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    I admit, I'm easily discouraged when I hit large snags. I have to keep reminding myself to 'enjoy the process'. It's become a mantra.

    I think you can learn techniques to combat these things. What's helped me is just 'doing' things in general ('S' activities), not just limited to one focus. Cooking, exercise, walking around the city, etc. Force yourself to be more 'in the world' in general, and less in your head.

    Baby steps!

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