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    Me too...but then I listen to how it must be to be famous in this age and I rethink it. It's probably the lonliest you could make yourself.

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    Being famous would probably be cool initially. It's both very affirming and a power trip. Not only do you experience a mass acceptance for something that you worked hard at, but you also get to decide which people are worthy of your attention (rather than having to prove worthy of other people's attention).

    Eventually though, it'll get old. That lifestyle will become the new "normal", and it'll cease to bring enjoyment in and of itself. Then you'll experience the practical nightmares, like no privacy, difficulty going places without constant interruption, etc. I guess if you want to be a player, being famous will really help with meeting people, but if that's not your thing you'll have a harder time finding a meaningful relationship.

    I'll pass.

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