Defining yourself by daily activities sounds so "sensing" to me .
I can't define myself that way; maybe if I had a more interesting life I would.

Anyhow, I will answer your question... I dislike routine. When I work, I have something like a routine because I am forced to. I don't work everyday right now, and I have no certain schedule for when I do work. I work at different locations too. I think the variety suits me. I like novelty in almost everything. I sometimes create a faux sense of novelty, by doing the same thing a different way, so as not to become bored with it. I'll spontaneously change direction en route to some goal, just to mix it up. I don't like being bound to a path, so to speak.

The only thing I do pretty much everyday is drink coffee when I get up. I go to church every week too, but even that is often prompted by family, not as a guilt-trip, but simply a reminder. I volunteer via my church also, usually 1-2 times a week, depending on what I feel like doing. I have a poor concept of time, which is likely why I don't maintain routine & kind of dislike it (it takes a lot of energy out of me).

I am also ruled by moods, meaning I do what I am in the mood to do & avoid what I am not in the mood to do. Mood is different from emotion; it's more like a mental atmosphere, not a reaction you can label like "sad" or "angry". Sometimes it feels like inspiration vs. lack of inspiration. I am rarely inspired to, say, do the dishes, but other mundane chores like grocery shopping can catch my interest. It really can boil down to how much the task allows me to be creative, express myself, and experiment with new ideas. Simple things can be pleasant to me because of that, but in general, I probably expect too much out of life.

I will take care of tasks I am obligated to do that I am not in the mood to do, but I won't be happy about it. It feels like prying something open with a cro-bar. Every cell in my being is moaning & groaning. I like to put off tasks/chores & explore more interesting things, be it within my own imagination or in books/music/art. I like to imagine I have another life, one much more interesting.

I have little interest in the news or goings-on of most people. I get obsessed with understanding impractical stuff though - like Jungian theory. I also like to sleep late & stay up late. Night feels energizing. However, this disorganized approach in life leaves me frustrated with myself, over the things I did not accomplish.

When I devote myself to something, I take it seriously though. This is usually what propels me to go through with it when not in the mood. I have high standards, probably why I am mostly disappointed with myself. I work well with tight deadlines - I kind of need the panic to motivate me. I'm surprisingly self-motivated & productive if I care enough & have an expectation to meet.

When it comes to food, well, I forget to eat sometimes. I get lost in my head. I mostly make healthy choices, because I don't like to feel bad physically. I also go for convenience & lots of spices (not just sugary/salty). However, when I may indulge myself when I'm in a certain mood. I also like to cook sometimes, and when I eat out I like to eat a great variety of foods. I especially like rich &/or spicy foods.

I don't like TV shows that much & can't maintain any routine well enough to follow a series. I mostly will like a show when it's reruns because of that. I do like movies though; when I had cable/satellite I mostly watched movie channels. So if I am in the right (or maybe wrong) mood, then I can veg out in front of the TV, like anyone. When I was depressed one summer after losing my job & moving back home, I watched a bunch of reality crap on Bravo, for instance . I can & have gone weeks without turning the TV on too though.

That's what my typical day is like....I push myself to do stuff out of principle, I am often less than happy with the results, and then I soothe myself by indulging in some interest or fantasy that is more interesting to me than everyday life.

Well, I blathered on for quite awhile there...