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    Quote Originally Posted by plaminal View Post
    Hello. I've been trying to learn all about INFJs and I have a lot of adjectives and descriptions of usual thoughts, what's important to you, etc. but no concrete details of daily life.

    Do you make plans, lists or schedules for the day? On paper? If you make plans, how closely do you follow them? Do you try hard to get all the items done that day? If so, do you usually succeed?

    When you go outside, such as to a park, do you nod or greet strangers who pass by? Do you wait to see if they speak first? Or do you generally look down or away? Is whatever you do the normal thing for where you live? (Small Southern US city dweller here--greeting is fairly common, but not everyone does it. If you initiate a greeting, 99% of the people respond.)

    If you come up to someone with a well-behaved-looking dog on a leash, do you often stop to say something nice about the dog to the owner, and pet it if it's okay? Or would you do these things if you lived in an area where this was common?

    Would you rather stay home than go to a somewhat crowded park with lots of kids and dogs but also a river and waterfalls? If you stayed home, and the weather was sunny and not too cold, would you do yard work (or wash the car, or whatever you might do outside) or sit and read?

    I realize the answers will vary, not only by person but by living circumstances.

    If you can help, much thanks.
    I do make lists, and keep a calendar, but I tend to do things "as the mood strikes me." I find I have to force myself to do anything that I am not in the mood to do. But I love lists because they keep track of everything I forget.

    I greet strangers now, but when I was in my 20's and early 30's I would avoid talking to strangers. I only do it now because I realized that I wanted to be more outgoing and I worked at it.

    If I stayed home I would do yard work or wash the car if I needed to, but I would rather work on a writing project or read or plan something in my head.

    I do enjoy going out. I would enjoy walking through a forest by myself or with my husband or one friend. I don't enjoy going places that are overly crowded, although I do love Disney and festivals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plaminal View Post
    I think I'm getting closer to knowing. For one thing, I'm getting to see what the types are like "in real life"--I've read a lot of threads in INFJ. It seems that many people don't fit their type in all regards; at least they don't totally fit the descriptions in articles. Maybe none do. Maybe I don't have to.
    Personally, I think the INFJ descriptions sound so wise and serious and boring. I was certain of my type when I kept reading posts on this forum that made me go "Yes! Exactly!", then I glanced over to the posters' type and it's always INFJ
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