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    I like books. I like libraries.

    Sometimes I checked out 50 books at once.

    Now I'm more of a dilettante. I dabble. As Francis Bacon said, "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested..."

    I used to read more.

    Nowadays I have the internet, especially forums. I have games.

    Reading is pressed back. I still have a thing about getting books, but I rarely finish one. I have a library in the bathroom, and much of my reading is done in there.

    I always enjoy reading, but typically do so when I don't have the option of computer activities. I read in restaurants. I read if I have to wait.

    I have a numerous amount of unread books now that I'm nibbling on, which I may never finish.

    I just read the third book in John Ringo's series, but that sci-fi, not "knowledge"

    Others in the nibble pile:

    November issue of National Geographic

    Japan Made Easy: All you need to know to enjoy Japan


    A New Earth: awakening to your life's purpose (Eckhart Tolle)

    India, fourth edition

    Predictably Irrational: the hidden forces that shape our decisions

    The Time Paradox: the new psychology of time that will change your life

    Hegemony or survival: America's quest for global dominance (Chomsky)

    The story of life

    The Philosophy of Time

    All the Devils are Here: the hidden history of the financial crisis

    Introduction to Philosophy: classical and contemporary readings

    The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The complete guide to psychological and spiritual Growth for the nine personality types

    From Eternity to Here: The quest for the ultimate theory of time.

    Stuff: compulsive hoarding and the meaning of things

    In search of time: the science of a curious dimension

    The black swan: the impact of the highly improbable


    Of course, I have favorites, books I've read and re-read that I like.


    Areas of curiosity that I wish to know:

    fractal geometry

    areas of small events that have big results

    why things really happen in society

    decision making

    what is time?

    How can I sow seeds to make results (philosophically, socially)

    Perspectives that influence the perception of time (my own experiments)


    Fish, biology and nature...anything. Ants! E.O Wilson! Sex!

    Science what vision of the future can we make (POSITIVE visions)

    Probably there are other things!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chloe View Post
    Are there?
    There's a stereotype that NTs are obsessed with knowledge.. but i relate to this more and more.. I couldnt care less about some stuff like some exact hystorical data, but I am obsessed with knowing about everything just enough. I couldn't walk on Earth if I didnt know how does the human body functions. It shocks me when people dont care or dont know it. I mean, it's your residence for 80+ years, and you dont know the basics - you dont know what exactly is chromosome, or meiosis?!
    Stuff like that. The same with internet stuff, web design etc., it will never be my career but I cant sleep if I dont know what is it all about, how it functions, I feel paralysed. I feel like my knowledge lust is expansive, I want to grab the wide portion to get the big picture and the more you learn the more you see there is never the end.

    Can you relate? Could this be SP dom in instinctual variants related ?

    I care more about the knowledge, career etc., than about close relationships <- weird?! i mean, i can not live without love, but knowledge is my passion, not only holding in knowledge but putting it to use.
    I can definitely relate. I love delving into random subjects and learning about them. My book shelves have lots of different fiction novels on them but an equal amount of astronomy, physics, ancient egyptian history, greek history, geology, etc books. I find there is an endless array of subjects for me to learn about and enrich my life with. So long as I have enough energy to read, I am never bored.

    I don't think you are weird about the knowledge being more important at all. It could be related to SP. I am strong SX first with a strong SP backup. I sort of waffle between wanting to dedicate my life to some reclusive pursuit and to find others to share life with. Currently I am in the "share life with" mode after about 10 years of the other mode. I think there is a great appeal in creating meaning in one's life by dedicating it to knowledge and using it.

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    I can sometimes become extremely curious about something (MBTI theory for example) and order lots of books to read on it, but it has more to do with the subject matter being something that pulls me in rather than a pure obsession with knowledge. In general I have a very strong desire to understand how thing work, but a rough conceptual theory is usually enough to satisfy my curiosity most fo the time.
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