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    Default INFs - unskilled or low requirement job advice?

    Not sure if this belongs here or in the careers forum, but a job is not the same as a career, and I'm looking for input from INFs.

    I've reached the point where I've started applying to just about anything that I'm either qualified for or does not require experience including a few things that I think I have strong doubts about my aptitude for (retail). I've never had to work a fast food job before and I suspect I'd be absolutly dreadful at it, but if I don't find somethign soon, I may start applying for those as well. Aside from fast food, the only things I rule out right now are sales and things where they specificy they want someone with an outgoing personality. Most of the jobs I've been aplying for are bookkeeping, office/clerical work (I hate answering the phone, but I've also applied for a few secretary jobs), and I've put in apps for entry level janitorial, data entry, retail, and grocery stores.

    I want to find a job in a very specific region, and in that region, Universities, electronics engineering (with a few software engineering jobs too), and medical are the big employers. There are other businesses in the area too, but the majority of the listed jobs come from those sources.

    What I'm curious about is if there are other INFs out there working non-career jobs that anyone can do with a bit of on the job training or a short class/certification. Of particular interest would be INFs involved in the medical or engineering fields, but anything to open my eyes to unseen possibilities is a good thing. For anyone willing to respond, I'd like to know what you do, how much trainign the job requires, what stress level the job has, how much extroversion is required, and if you get any job satisfaction from it.

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    I'm in the same situation as you with even less work experience -_-"

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    Small businesses may be another possibility. They may not pay as much or have good benefits, but if you can get your foot in the door, you can get a lot of varied experience and also the friendships and support in a well-run small business can be helpful for NF's. Since the hiring is usually done directly by the owner, if he/she likes you, you may get hired and trained despite a lack of experience.

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    My first job was in HR. Basically it was an entry-level job and you just had to deal with a computer system that kept track of everyone's training records (not that hard to learn), and loads and loads and loads of documents. I spent most of my time chasing people down and making them fill out forms, sorting and filing documents and listening to gossip (the HR department hears everything). It had the potential to be rewarding, but I quit only after one year. Overall, I liked it and have lots of fond memories of the job

    I think what people look for for an HR position is organization skills, communication skills, empathy and thoroughness. I don't think I had all of those when I applied though, but they were short on staff
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