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    I wasn't trying to discount what was being said but I have seen people of various types do this (including Fi doms and Fe doms).....blaming other people for their problems because they just can't possibly have done anything wrong. People love to justify their actions and if they don't want to face the music, they find a scapegoat.... there were four F doms in my house growing up.... yikes. It's akin to the Fi perspective of "I couldn't possibly have done anything bad because I have the highest/best morals so therefore, I have done nothing wrong."

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    Here's my version:
    Be more upfront on what you want/need
    Don't be so concerned about others think
    Don't be so PC and idealistic
    People aren't as worried about things as you might think
    Don't go into the martyr/ victim mode
    Don't treat everyone like you're their mother hen
    Don't impose your values on others unless need be
    It's ok, not everything is going to be the worst case scenario
    No need to emotionally explode when things go wrong
    Read up on things before spouting your strong values
    It's ok if someone's "weird"

    Just some things related to me and other FJs I have known (not everything listed is about me).

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    Good list @Glycerine! Guess who emotionally exploded today!!!!? lol

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