will you hate me if i tell you i feel too lazy to write a life's story right now? sorry....but yeah, I do the same as you (pushing people away when i sense tension). actually, i used to do that a lot when i was younger, now i'm getting better at staying and trying to work through the felt tension. which can be seen as intense i guess (if you're always trying to fix what you sense is wrong, then you're also not letting the relationship flow). i don't know. maybe the fact you are also a 7w6 (actually both my 6 and 8 wings are very balanced, so i also identify with 7w6) and the fact we're both sx/so... it does give me some comfort that you seem to have similar dynamics to mine.

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though, you could also try writing details about the relationships and their patterns down and seeing if there's anything that's consistent right before the breakup, or in the reasons why you broke up, and then trying to look at that and see if you can improve anything there. personally i know i tend to freak out and push people away at the slightest hint of tension in the relationship, and i tend to try to hide not-so-cute facets of myself, so i've been working hard on those things.

aaaand Rim wins the thread. thank you for x-raying me too, Rim
seriously i'm printing this out and pinning it up so i can read it from time to time...