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    Default NF and NT hybridization

    Based on recent threads here, I'm feeling I that I don't have all NF characteristics...alien within preference.

    My sister is much more strongly F, I'd say. She majored in Speech and Hearing, minored in psychology, and has a doctorate in Audiology. She has that sort of intense, "I'm interested in you stare", and she can understand anyone, no matter how slurred or confused their speech is. Of course, she's also extroverted, so she walks into a room and makes friends. This is useful for someone who diagnoses someone's hearing problems all day.

    My preference has always been close to the center, which may just be the way it is. I guess I want to fit myself into something...

    The explanation of why I think I'm NF is much too much information to type before work; it's dozens of anecdotes and fragments. I have always been sensitive in some ways, since my father completely rejected me until I was like 30...I'm like some wanton creature which the great wall of China for 10 "atta-boys". Nothing I could do get straight A's, make a good drawing, become Eagle Scout...nothing was good enough.

    I've seen photos where I'm smiling, so apparently I was happy. I'm trying to reconnect with those moments, since according to the current historical record, I consider that I was sad all the time...which is not 100% true. Thus, I'm trying to re-write my personal history.

    Anyway, I have difficulty really trying to understand others, listening, or being very interested. It requires lots of effort on my part. Also, if I'm outside of some classroom setting or discussion group, I have to remind myself to look other people in the eye. I think people have the accurate impression that I could walk right by them and not see if they are transparent or I'm seeing the wall behind them.

    So thus, I have some characteristic strongly, and then I seem to have contrary characteristic strongly. Maybe I should put an X instead of an F. What do you think?

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    My gut feeling is you're ISFJ 1w2, close on the F/T.
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    Thanks, @AphorditeGoneAwry

    I guess to generalize things, does anyone else feel polarization between two different types, especially F/T?

    Most of the time I believe have T type decisions interacting with F in tandem fluctuations.

    Is F/T even real?

    The threads about eye contact and unique NF characteristics have made me question again.

    Of course, since probably 75% or something is non-verbal, such as body movements and posture, it's difficult to judge from forum posts. But I've been posting here for a little while, so I wonder what people think about my F/T split

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