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    Is it that the possibility of something excites you first, then the notion of what feelings/values that might entail?

    If somebody said "Think of the fun we could have together!" do you think "Wow, what sort of things could we do?" or "Wow, I wonder what these things would make me feel like?" or something different again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adasta View Post
    I'm curious to know how the Ne/Fi dynamic works for ENFPs. I'm just going to list some questions, but if you could give me a more detailed analysis, I'd appreciate it!

    • What role does Fi play to your Ne?
    • If you're excited about new possibilites, is it that you feel compelled to try new things and then consider the experience in terms of Fi after the event?
    • How does your Ne relate to people? What qualities do you like in others and what interests you in other people?
    I think that the Ne comes up with all the new things that I want to do and become involved with. Fi has all these predeterminations about general underlying themes that I am going for, (and those change often as well.) Ne is like, "I want to buy a house!" and Fi is like, "well, what about going back to school, and financial freedom and..." and then Ne is like, "Lets go travel around the world!" and then Fi is like, "okay, that sounds fine, we like to go with people, and..." and then Ne is like, "I want to go into research!" And Fi is like, "fine, do whatever you want." And then Ne is like. "I thought we were a team." And then Fi says, "Oh alright fine, research seems like it fits with our personality as long as there are people invo-" and then Ne is like, "How about surfing?!"

    So sometimes it focuses on one thing that keeps coming up and follows through. That's where Te comes in. "Alright, shut up everyone, we're acting on this quickly before we have a chance to think about it or move on to the next topic."

    I like most all people. Ne can see most perspectives and admires something in almost everyone I meet, except for some outliers that I just can't wrap my brain around.

    I remember my mom saying to someone in highschool- "she gets these ideas in her head. And sometimes she tries to follow through with them."

    In highschool that translated into some funny things like, "I want a snowflake room"- (mom, unaware that the Te agreed, walked in to a curtain made of paper snowflakes and paper snowflakes covering the walls and hanging from the ceilings.)
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    as an example...i'm a photographer and was having a conversation with my boyfriend...he asked if i would ever do nudes...and i went off on how i saw these ones that look like landscapes...they're called bodyscapes and they're really interesting and that once someone on here posted these girlie parts that looked like flowers and it was so cool...and that i wouldn't want to do that but i thought it was a very interesting concept might be cool to do this or that and he asked more questions and i expanded on the ideas and went on and on and then he was like would you really do that? because...wouldn't it be uncomfortable or weird in any way for you to be in the room with naked strangers....and then i was like...oh...hmm...yeah...maybe it is like i can spend more time in idea theoretical land than he can...i mean...he resides primarily in fantasy world but not in ways that conflict with his fi.
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