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    P.S. xxFJs are not necessarily tidy. It's the xxTJ (Te dom/aux) who are the neat freaks.
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    Here's a different angle. On some Monday mornings at the office when folks are sharing their weekend activities someone will mention that he or she spent a substantial amount of time cleaning his or her apartment. My invariable reaction to that is "you've got to be kidding!", but for some people with a different type this kind of hustle and bustle is a wonderful way to spend a day. Not for me though, no not ever.

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    My organization goes in's like a switch gets flipped all of a sudden and EVERYTHING must be organized immediately. I'm fine with functional disarray, but obviously not concerning food and what not...that's gross. Generally speaking, my living space is organized and clean 88% of the time.
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    When I was an ESTJ gone completely INFP I was terrible at being organized. Like just awful. Read in my Why I think I'm an XXXX thread from a while back in the MBTI section if you are interested to learn more. Anywho . . . now that my type has changed (impossible I know) I find being on top of practical things is much more easy for me. I still have yet to cultivate many good habits in myself like keeping my floor completely clean etc. but I plan to and there are many positive habits I have already cultivated in this short time as well. I'd say something that has significantly improved is my ability to handle/find a practical solution to practical/physical problems. But really my ability to think about practical things is vastly improved, like the difference is astounding, and I'm not exaggerating.

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    I can't keep things neat to save my soul. I don't even claim to know where things are. Yesterday while brushing my teeth, it idly occurred to me maybe I have multiple personality disorder. I was looking for my Kindle, couldn't find it anywhere, started to panic, hours later happened to see it in a place where I have no recollection of leaving it, and it was under something else that didn't belong there. It's like things move themselves. I had the Kindle in my hand and something else came into my head, so the Kindle got put down where ever I was when the next thought came into my head and I had no awareness of putting it down. I'm just not ever thinking about right here and now.

    P.S. I have elaborate and complex ideas about how to organize all my stuff, and they would work if I could concentrate long enough to do them.

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